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Heretic Parfum – non-conformists doing clean fragrance.

We launched Heretic Parfum at Lore in 2019 (the first retailer in Australia to do so!) and haven’t looked back since. It fast became one of our favourite and best-selling fragrance houses, and for good reason!

The Heretic Parfum mission is to show the provocative side of natural, the dirty side of clean. They showcase the raw beauty of nature in each one of their plant-based scents, allowing us to experience the Ayurvedic benefits of powerful plant materials with every spritz. Super modern and completely genderless, Heretic breaks all the rules when it comes to fragrance, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

On that note, let’s talk about some of the Heretic newness that has us super excited!


dirty patchouli by heretic parfum with patchouli

Brand new at Lore, introducing… Dirty Patchouli! This scent blends the rich earthiness of aged wild patchouli leaves from Vietnam with vanilla absolute and caramelised benzoin for a scent that is smooth yet complex, warm and sensual, like a good bourbon. Certainly one for the patchouli lovers but also anyone who loves a warm, boozy scent.


One of our favourite newer releases from Heretic, Dirty Hinoki is an ode to the Japanese tradition of forest bathing. The smooth, citrusy, and herbal note of hinoki wood runs through the top, heart, and base of this fragrance, accompanied by cosy and reassuring sacred resins, cashmere and complex woody notes from Himalayan cedar, cypress, elemi, Siberian fir, and balsam. 


Now in a rollerball!

A sophisticated take on a coconut perfume, Dirty Coconut uses coconut CO2 to achieve a more authentic expression of the fruit and to showcase its intensely tropical notes. By blending it with an ‘ungodly’ amount of rich sandalwood, they merge into a seductively milky fragrance that’s both lusty and renewing. 


Limited Edition

Something we love about Heretic is how serious they are about their values – if they can’t source their ingredients for a fragrance or candle in an environmentally friendly or ethical way, they simply won’t produce it.

Unfortunately, that means some of their incredible scents have had to be shelved. However, once every so often they will bring back a limited-edition release of one of their discontinued scents, and we were lucky enough to get our hands on some!

We’ve been lucky enough to get our hands on just 28 x 15ml Limited Edition Dirty Gardenias, so if you’re a fan, you’ll need to get in quick! Bursting with the vivacious beauty of sensual Colombian gardenias spiked with wet, green notes of vetiver and moss, Dirty Gardenia brings a uniquely modern floral experience with its heady floral atmosphere and green crispness. This bottled bouquet of intoxicating wild gardenias enlivens you with its uplifting intensity.



In case you’re not familiar with the brand, here are some of our favourite Heretic scents we’ve been loving for a while…

We can’t talk about Heretic without talking about Scandalwood. A #1 best-seller here at Lore for a few years running, Scandalwood is Heretic’s collaboration with burlesque performer Dita Von Teese. A scent fit for a sex siren, this fragrance is a mesmerising blend of creamy sandalwood, exotic coriander,and voluptuous Bulgarian rose that falls into the mysterious aspects of labdanum andwhite musk.


Celebrating the ancient practice of using ceremonial smoke to clear energy, this heady potion envelops you in an exquisite blend of juniper, labdanum, frankincense, and tonka bean. Smudge is powerfully but not overbearingly smoky, like a wave of a smudge stick.


Florgasm starts with a spark of pleasure: A tingling sensation of pink pepper and bergamot with a burst of orange blossom and sweet coriander. Its heart chord is an aphrodisiac blend of lush jasmine, tuberose milk and sensual ylang-ylang, all bathed in the warm afterglow of ambrette seed, an animalistic musk that lingers on the skin with rich, leathery undertones.


So there you have it – everything Heretic Parfum! Well, apart from the rest of their range:


We hope you had fun on this journey of fragrance heresy with us, and who knows, maybe you might feel inspired to get a little dirtier when it comes to your perfumes from now on!

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