Get to know the Team – Sonia

It’s time to get to know our team here at Lore Perfumery! 

Spoilt for choice with all the best smelly things around town, we know you’re asking the big questions – what are they wearing, what do they love, what do they recommend? Well, read on to get to hear all of the must-haves from…

What do you love about fragrance? 

For me, it is the artistry. I love the perfumer’s inspiration behind the scent creation and the storytelling to bring the fragrance to life. Perfumes tell a story through their notes, the craftsmanship that goes into them, and the emotions they evoke.  It is an adventure and a journey that has the ability to me transport to another place and time, it makes me feel and is a means to connect with myself and others. 

It all starts somewhere, so what is your first fragrance memory?

The beginning of my beautiful love affair with perfume was passed down by my mum Dolores who worked in the beauty and perfume industry for over 40 years and just like me, has a passion for perfume. When I was young, I remember that my mum’s bedroom was a perfume wonderland. She was a collector of miniature perfumes and had a collection of over 300 mini scented bottles displayed in house shaped wooden shelves on her bedroom wall. For me, it was a treasure trove of scented delights, and I would discover the scented surprise of each perfume jewel. I was so captivated by the unique design of the bottles; each one was so precious and beautiful!  

Tell us your absolute must-have, can’t live without beauty product right now? 

Madara Skin Equal Soft Glow Foundation is my holy grail complexion product (along with the rest of our team). The texture is light and it doesn’t feel like I am wearing a mask of makeup. You only need a small amount for full coverage and is so easy to blend. The finish is dewy and luminous but not greasy; long wearing but not cakey and leaves your skin so soft as it is formulated with antioxidant rich ingredients. The fact that it is nontoxic, vegan, organic, silicone free and packaged in a recyclable bottle is a huge plus for me. This is one of the best foundations I have ever used!  

If we went to your bathroom cabinet, what product would you find?  

Lots of hair and skincare products from Lore, especially facial treatments like serums, masks and exfoliators! Ohhh how I love a good exfoliator! After all, how can my foundation, face oils or creams work their magic when dead cells are blocking their path? My new favourite exfoliant is Mad Hippie Microdermabrasion facial. It is a scrub and mask in one and is very gentle on my combination skin, yet effective! It is perfect blend of physical and chemical exfoliant buffs away dull and dry skin and always leaves my skin feeling SUPER soft, smooth and glowy!  

If you could create your dream fragrance, what would it smell like?  

With my love for fragrance and flamenco dancing, my dream fragrance would be a hot-blooded spicy woody number inspired by the strength and femininity of a flamenco dancer in motion. Hypnotic and passionate, like the dance itself, its composition would be an explosion of emotion and energy with fiery spices of saffron, cinnamon and vanilla balanced with the femininity of amber, rose, jasmine and the famous Spanish Labdanum of Andalucia.  

What is your all-time favorite perfume that you always go back to? Like your fragrance true love? 

Carner Barcelona Rima IV is without a doubt, one of my favourite fragrances thus far at Lore Perfumery. It is the most beautiful edible scent of biscuit, laced with sweet spice which crumbles to a vanilla amber aura. It’s so scrumptious! This scent takes me back to when I lived in Barcelona and I discovered this dim Arabian inspired tea room that was hidden in one of the many winding alleyways of the gothic quarter. The warm spicy woody scent of Rima IV reminds me of the decadent Magdalenas (sweet lemon cupcakes) I enjoyed at this tea house whilst dipping them into a delicious chai latte.  

What perfume are you really, really into at the moment (that’s different to your usual style?)  

I have never smelt anything like Orto Parisi Seminalis. I do not know what it is, but I can’t stop smelling my skin when I wear it. The scent is very erotic and addictive and is my best compliment getter! The fragrance is Inspired by a study that found that male sperm is attracted to the scent of the female egg (which smells like lily of the valley) and therefore travels towards the scent to engulf itself in it. For me, Seminalis is a sexy, smooth woody fragrance with a hint of sweetness and I get these delicious and comforting warm creamy notes of almond honeyed milk on the skin.  

What candle are you burning at home right now?   

As the temperature drops in Melbourne, it was time to embrace the autumn spirit with the newbie Mary from the cult candle brand Trudon. Luxuriously gothic, it is the most divine candle I have come across! Inspired by the life of Mary Shelley, the mother and author of Frankenstein, the intensively dark smoky and antiquated aroma slips me into a state of calm with its deep, spicy and woody notes of cedar, guaicwood and spices. It is the perfect cosy scent for a chilly evening!  

What is the best thing about being part of the team here at Lore?  

Lore is such a wonderful place to work! The best thing about having a team that is as amazing as ours is that we all share an authentic love for perfumes! We love what we do and this makes coming to work such an absolute delight! I work with a team of awesome, talented, funny and dedicated woman who care and support each other and I learn so much from them every day.  As a Store Manager, I get the biggest thrill when I see the team grow – watching the team gain knowledge, gain confidence, have fun and truly shine gives me so much joy!  

Talking all things sensory, and given scent is so closely linked to taste, what would be your ultimate meal?  

I am all about the dessert. It is the first thing I look at on a menu when dining out. I would break the rules and order all my favourite desserts as my ultimate meal starting with Portuguese tarts, croissants, crema Catalana (Barcelona’s version of a creme brulee), churros with chocolate and a cup of chai latte sprinkled with cinnamon.  

Aside from the obvious answer of Lore, what’s your other favourite business in the neighborhood? 

A small family-owned shop on Johnston Street called Casa Iberica Deli which is a haven for all things Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American. I have been going there since I was a child and I never leave without a paper bag of their famous Portuguese custard tarts!  


Thanks Sonia, love ya!

Jess x 


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