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It’s time to get to know our team here at Lore Perfumery! 

Spoilt for choice with all the best smelly things around town, we know you’re asking the big questions – what are they wearing, what do they love, what do they recommend? Well read on to get to hear all of the must-haves from…

What do you love about fragrance?

Quite a lot actually. Perfume is such an emotive thing for and so many others. I love how fragrance is so closely linked to memory, with one spritz of that special perfume, you can be transported back to a time and place that’s truly so special to you.  

I love how a perfume adds the final touch to any of my outfits, I have always said perfume is the lipstick of the outfit world, its that final spritz as I leave the house to explore the world, that truly elevates any outfit I rock.

I love how perfume, like food and fine wine, can bring people together, experiencing scents and perfumes that may have different meanings for many people, but its that connection that lasts. So often, Ill have someone approach me and ask what perfume I’m wearing, its a small connection between strangers, but sometimes it means the world.

It all starts somewhere, so what’s your first fragrance memory?

Shopping for perfumes with my mum, in a country town, where all there was on offer was the perfumes and the chemist. We may not of had an abundance of options, but that didn’t stop us going on a weekly outing to smell all the lovely things at the local Amcal. From simple beginnings, wonderful things are born it seems.

Tell us your absolute must-have, can’t-live-without beauty product right now?

Its taken me a long time to jump on the bandwagon for body oils, but ever since I have started using the Blue lotus body oil from Salt By Hendrix, I am totally converted. This change in season, I am focusing on self love and looking after all the skin on my body, not just my face, so this oil that dries so quickly and smells divine was the perfect entry level body care products to get this self care thang happening.

If we went into your bathroom cabinet, what products would we find?

Firstly, it would be super embarrassing, because I have SO MANY PRODUCTS. But, this is because I am a passionate skincare freak.

So you would absolutely find a few products by Mad Hippie – The Triple C vitamin Cream as well as the Cleaning cream.

Then there would be the all important anti aging and plumping products, for this is have the Madara Collagen serum and Anti Fatigue Eye cream and of course my favourite lip balm By Weleda the Everon Lip Balm, and go to Deodorant which is the Acca Kappa White Moss deodorant.

Then of course there is a whole heap of sneaky products from Mecca and Sephora that I use, because I simply cannot get enough.

If you could create your dream fragrance, what would it smell like?

Sexy, always sexy. Leathers and woods with delicate spice and a little fruit.

I like a resinous scent, deep and intoxicating with complex layers. However I do find that I’m always attracted to Iris and Tuberose, so I tend to think a softly sweet, leather floral with resin and spice would be my dream scent.

What is your all-time favourite perfume that you always go back to? Like your fragrance true love?

Oh dear, I have a few, but for sake of this not being the longest blog ever I’ll narrow it down to 2.

1 Halefti – Penhaligons for a deeper slightly more spicy scent

2 Tenebrae – L’artisan for a soft resinous scent that outshines many

What perfume are you really, really into at the moment (that’s different to your usual style)?

Sweet Leaf By Room 1015. A new scent in the store, and soooo different to my normal style. Its a green citrus scent, with vague sweetness running through it. It lingers on the skin, its playful and fizzy, which isn’t my normal go to. But I’ m loving the vibrant emotion is carries.

What candle are you burning at home right now?

ALL OF THEM!  Honestly I have quite the collection at the moment, but always and forever Love Cire Trudon Ernesto, there’s a reason its a classic and a best seller, it is truly a work of candle art!

What’s the best thing about being part of the team here at Lore?

Apart from always smelling divine and having the best access to the most wonderful products, it’s definitely  the team. I’ve been here at Lore for almost 5 years, and the environment and the care and support from the amazing team that work here, truly makes this one of the best jobs I’ve ever had.

Taking all things sensory, and given scent is so closely linked to taste, what would be your ultimate meal?

Gah! This is so up my alley its not funny, I’m such a foodie, it’s almost embarrassing!

I love seafood, I have a pescatarian diet, so when there is the option for some fancy shellfish, lobster or oysters I’m there!

Obviously not the best smelling food, but when you pair some beautiful seafood, with a gorgeous wine, and you’re wearing your most luxe perfume, you really cant beat it. Yes I’m Bougie, but at least I know it 😉

Aside from the obvious answer of Lore 😉 what’s your other favourite business in the neighbourhood?

Fitzroy is a mecca of awesome, so many wonderful shops and eateries, we are spoiled for choice. A personal fave of mine is Vincent’s super market for little snacks and Nut Tea. And then I love Somebody loves me, for some cute outfits!

Thanks Han, love ya!

Jess x

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