Get to know the team – Adelaide

It’s time to get to know our team here at Lore Perfumery! 

Spoilt for choice with all the best smelly things around town, we know you’re asking the big questions – what are they wearing, what do they love, what do they recommend? Well, read on to get to hear all of the must-haves from…

What do you love about fragrance?

I Iove that fragrance is the ultimate accessory; it can be as subtle as a thin gold chain, glinting when the light hits it, or as bold as a knee-high red boot, announcing your entrance into a room. And I love that fragrances become part of our day-to-day memories, illuminating our reflections of the past with fleeting glimmers of scent.

It all starts somewhere, so what’s your first fragrance memory?

My dad travelled a lot when I was young, and I remember the scent of his traditional cologne as he lifted me up for a goodbye kiss on the cheek.

Tell us your absolute must-have, can’t-live-without beauty product right now?

The Microdermabrasion Facial from Mad Hippie is the first one I’ve tried that actually leaves my skin feeling refreshed and clean rather than frizzled and lightly sunburnt. Big recommend for others with skin that is both oily and sensitive.

If we went into your bathroom cabinet, what products would we find?

The Untangling Spray from Kevin Murphy has saved me ripping out handfuls of hair a day, so that’s definitely in there, the Coconut Sunscreen from Feel Good. is an absolute daily must for my arms and neck, and the Mermaid Oil from Salt is the loveliest nighttime moisturiser after a (probably too hot) shower.

If you could create your dream fragrance, what would it smell like?

Violets, leather, old books, rose, and star anise, with an ambroxan base.

What is your all-time favourite perfume that you always go back to? Like your fragrance true love?

We just got in a new rose scent from L’Artisan Parfumeur called Memoires de Roses, and it immediately reminded me of a Bulgari Rose I had a tiny bottle of when I was a teenager, and I’ve been a rose devotee ever since. A forever favourite.

What perfume are you really, really into at the moment (that’s different to your usual style)?

It might be the hot, humid days recently, but I’ve been so drawn to Menta Y Menta from Miller et Bertaux. It’s very green and light compared to my usual picks, but gives me just the sort of refreshing pep in my step I need before stepping back out onto the sunny sidewalk.

What candle are you burning at home right now?

Both my housemate and I are English Majors, so of course we have no choice but to have the Mary Candle from Cire Trudon burning at every opportunity.

What’s the best thing about being part of the team here at Lore?

I love being part of a small team of wonderful women who are all committed and genuinely passionate about our beautiful products. The spritzes of a different perfume every day also don’t hurt!

Taking all things sensory, and given scent is so closely linked to taste, what would be your ultimate meal?

I have a massive sweet tooth, and it’s hard to go past a sticky date pudding with vanilla ice-cream. So rich, so evocative, so delicious!

Aside from the obvious answer of Lore 😉 what’s your other favourite business in the neighbourhood?

I love popping into the Brunswick St. Bookstore after work, it’s so calm and cool in there, and of course I can never walk past a good display of brand new books!


Thanks Del, love ya!


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