Get to know the Team – Courtney

It’s time to get to know our team here at Lore Perfumery! 

Spoilt for choice with all the best smelly things around town, we know you’re asking the big questions – what are they wearing, what do they love, what do they recommend? Well, read on to get to hear all of the must-haves from…

What do you love about fragrance?

What I love about fragrance is that it triggers memories. I love that scent anchors us and shapes our experiences. The good the bad and the crazy.

It all starts somewhere, so what’s your first fragrance memory?

My most distinct fragrance memory was when I was 13. I used to love reading Dolly magazine. It made me feel like a  strong independent women ( even though I was a not that at all Ha!) It only occurred to me the smell of the magazine when we at lore had a fragrance called Patchouli by Atelier cologne. The moment I sprayed it I was taken back in time to my French porcelain day bed with a hot pink mosquito net covering the top and patch quilted flower bedding. It was nostalgic and magical.

Tell us your absolute must-have, can’t-live-without beauty product right now?

I can not live without my Vitamin C. My skin would be dead without it !!!!

If we went into your bathroom cabinet, what products would we find?

Clay masks galore I am addicted. I love the idea of drawing out impurities which is maybe considered an outdated beauty resume but it reminds me of growing up and makes me dedicate my time to relax as I am not great at doing that.

If you could create your dream fragrance, what would it smell like?

A milk bath of white florals! DREAMY

What is your all-time favourite perfume that you always go back to? Like your fragrance true love?

Narcotic V. The addictive intensity of female sexual power. Sugar and spice and everything nice I feel like an unstoppable powderpuff girl in this.

What perfume are you really, really into at the moment (that’s different to your usual style)?

Sand Service is so woody and not something I would usually go to but I am OBBSEDDED

What candle are you burning at home right now?

A pure narcissus candle that is so close to the flower I love it

What’s the best thing about being part of the team here at Lore?

Each member is so in tune with who they are and what they believe and I love that as I think it is one of the hardest things in life to conquer and these Queens are smashing it.

Taking all things sensory, and given scent is so closely linked to taste, what would be your ultimate meal?


Aside from the obvious answer of Lore 😉 what’s your other favourite business in the neighbourhood?

Wine Republic obviously I love wine bahahahah


Thanks Courts, love ya!

Jess x

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