Get to know the Team – Clea

It’s time to get to know our team here at Lore Perfumery! 

Spoilt for choice with all the best smelly things around town, we know you’re asking the big questions – what are they wearing, what do they love, what do they recommend? Well read on to get to hear all of the must-haves from…

What do you love about fragrance?

What I love the most about fragrance is its power to transport & transform. A thought, a feeling…a place & time, a memory &/or fantasy of those yet to be created.

It all starts somewhere, so what’s your first fragrance memory?

The very first perfume I was ever gifted was from my Nonna & Nonno as as child. I don’t recall how old I was…probably 8 or so. It was a little bottle of Lily of the Valley & it will forever hold a place in my heart & memory.

Tell us your absolute must-have, can’t-live-without beauty product right now?

Right now it’s have to be my new nightly skin routine faves: First the Cleansing Oil, then for an extra clean the new Jelly Cleanser from Mad Hippie…both removed delicately & thoroughly with the Face Lovers heart shaped cleansing cushions by Louvelle. Feels amazing. Then I simply clean the cushion with my favourite Not A Perfume body gel & hang it up to dry on my shower hook, ready for the next night. Removing my makeup has never felt so luxurious🥰

If we went into your bathroom cabinet, what products would we find?

A whole big ol’ combo of all our wonderful Lore approved products for face, body & hair. Mad Hippie & Madara to Kevin Murphy, Dr. Hauschka & Salt by Hendrix. I love & use them all for various things & reasons.

If you could create your dream fragrance, what would it smell like?

Like a lucid dream of exotic adventure filled with ancient mystery & spice..

What is your all-time favourite perfume that you always go back to? Like your fragrance true love?

Oh Gosh…I hate this question because I really do love so many, but I think if I could only ever chose one it would have to be Blamage by Nasomatto. Not only for the fragrance, but what it stands for.

What perfume are you really, really into at the moment (that’s different to your usual style)?

Right now, as always, I’m loving a few delicious stand outs from our new ranges, but if I have to choose just one that’s different from my usual, it’d be the ultra delicious Sunset Hour by our very own Goldfield & Banks. Like a holiday in a bottle. Let’s face it, we could all do with one of those after these last couple of years… amiright?! 😎 🌅 🥂

What candle are you burning at home right now?

The Fortitude by Coreterno. Because much needed…& it’s sweet, warm softness is so easily enjoyed🌈 And Mary by Cire Trudon. Cannot get enough of this sensual mix of white floral, dry wood & deep spice. Plus it’s an ode to Mary Shelly & I’m so all about staying in & reading these days. Enough said🖤

What’s the best thing about being part of the team here at Lore?

The good vibes & camaraderie. I get to surround myself all day with divine smells & people. What more could one ask for & get paid for?!

Taking all things sensory, and given scent is so closely linked to taste, what would be your ultimate meal?

Something full of nature’s goodness. An abundance of veggies, herbs & spice with fresh squeezed lemon (because in my opinion a bit of tang makes almost every meal better). A cocktail or two & a dessert of Sticky Date pudding & hot spiced chai to finish. I could die a happy human after that.

Aside from the obvious answer of Lore 😉 what’s your other favourite business in the neighbourhood?

Gizmo Gifts just down the street. 100%. My other go to happy place for gifts, both for loved ones & myself. All the cool, quirky & fun things a person could hope for.

Thanks Clea, love ya!

Jess x

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