Spotlight on Seaweed Bath Co’s Natural Hair Care Products

Seaweed. While it causes us a mini-heart-attack when we mistake it for a deadly fish, this sea plant receives far more appreciation in the beauty world!

For years, seaweed has been used as a skin food, and is a welcome addition to any beauty product. From spirulina to seaweed flakes, the beauty world are huge fans of this super plant.

The geniuses at The Seaweed Bath Co have truly embraced the powerful benefits of the ‘kale of the sea’ and devoted themselves to developing a nutrient rich, performance optimised formula. The product takes you away to the summery scenes of the sea – get ready to have an ocean inspired sensory experience. Not only does this product contain natural ingredients but it also encapsulates the powerful benefits of The Seaweed Bath Co’s hero ingredient – bladderwrack seaweed.

We love treating our hair with these healing hair care products – the natural wonder that is bladderwrack seaweed is full of revitalising properties, as it is from the nutrient rich waters of the Maine coast and makes for an amazing base in all the Seaweed Bath Co’s products.

It’s also amazing to know, when using The Seaweed Bath Co’s products, this company passionately care about the environment, ensuring sustainability and care is taken when gathering nutrient rich ingredients from the sea.

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