Make Your Own Body Scrub at Lore’s Soak & Scrub Station

If you’re anything like me, you’re sick of lamenting the cold winter from under 10 layers of blankets and endless cups of tea. It’s almost unfair that winter has to last for a whole season, with the only relief coming in the forms of heaters, snuggling up inside or soaking in a steaming bath tub.

I was feeling all sorts of sad until I wandered past the sensory delight that is Lore Perfumery. This store is magical enough to make you forget the weather and get lost inside the world of niche fragrance and beautiful skin care.

But my mood turned from drab to 10/10 excitement when I saw the luxurious, limited time only Soak and Scrub Station set up in the back of the store.

Imagine walking into a miniature souk, lined up with colourful salts and delicate flowers, a powerful scent drawing you in; the tubs of nourishing, aromatic ingredients all out at your disposal. The endless array of skin treats leave you simply craving your own mixture …. except instead of only craving, you actually get to create your own Bath Salt or Body Scrub this winter at Lore Perfumery!

The procedure begins by simply staring in awe at all the ingredients that have been bestowed upon you and taking in the delicious scents of Freshly Ground Coffee, Sweet Almond Oil and calming Lavender and Chamomile. Once you’ve appreciated the visual beauty of this pick and mix station … it’s time to create!

There are two options – A Body Scrub or a Body Salt! Each begins with grabbing a Recipe Card, where you will mark off the ingredients used in your custom made treat. Body Scrubs begin with an exfoliant, while the Bath Soak starts with a base such as Australian Rock Salt, Fine Epsom Salt or Himalayan Rock Salt.

If you’re one of the lucky ones to be living with a bath, your soak will comprise of a selection of 4 toppings, which could be a mix of Rose Petals and Rose Buds, or adorned with Jasmine, Lavender, Oatmeal or Green Tea. The Bath Soak will be complete with a delectable drop of one of our Lore Blends.

If you’re like me and your skin suffers from being dry, dull and scaly over winter, you can create your own Body Scrub! I tuned into my love of caffeine and all things sweet and concocted a body scrub that smelt almost edible! Combining Brown Sugar, Ground Coffee Beans, Sweet Almond Oil and a calming blend of essential oils, I created the body potion of my dreams – smelling almost as good as the summer I was dreaming of!

Not only was I excited to take my custom made product home, the experience inside Lore perfumery made it one not easy to forget! When I was confused about whether I should mix Rose Petals and Rose Buds, the girls at Lore were able to assist me and help me create a balanced mix. Had I put enough Ground Coffee in my scrub or would it be too watery? Never fear, an expert was there to help and make sure my product was a correctly made blend.

I adored creating my special scrub, and plan on using it every day until the dreary weather turns from drab to fab again. Just as I was leaving the store, feeling a little sad that my creation experience was ending, one of the staff members caught my eye.

“Don’t worry, we are launching a Bubble Bath next week – see you soon?”, she winked.

Yes Lore, you will see me very, very soon….

Watch the video on our Custom Soak & Scrub Station here 

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