Weleda Body Oils Review

It’s official, we can no longer use our ‘Winter Is Coming’ memes – as winter has well and truly hit! The season of mulled wine, cosying by a fire (or, you know, portable heater) and complaining about the lack in sun is here.

Regardless of whether you have a love or hate relationship with this chilly season, there’s no doubt a heap of changes that need to be made to your beauty regime when the temperature goes from fab to drab.

Not only does your sun kissed complexion start to fade, the season actually plays a massive part in the appearance of your skin. The colder temperatures means less moisture in the air for your skin, and while there’s no crime in spending hours in front of the heater, the artificial hot air can dry out skin, leaving you feeling flakey, dry or red in patches as well as having chapped lips.

At Lore Perfumery, we understand the importance of keeping yourself feeling pampered all year round. Our recommendation for beating the winter skin blues? Why not try out the Weleda Natural Body Oils!  

Founded by humanitarian and philosopher Rudolf Steiner in the 1920s, these products are made from only the finest ingredients sourced from biodynamic, organic and wildcrafted suppliers, ensuring all skin types are catered for and nothing harsh is being applied to your skin. With a certified natural and organic label, these products are not only gentle on the skin but are made from ingredients full of vitality and potency to ensure your skin is getting as much nourishment as it can.

The Weleda Natural Body Oils aim to pamper the mind, body and soul – an important aspect of self care that applies to any season! When we use this oil, we know it means business. Not only do we get to unwind, relax and take the time to care for our skin, but we can rest assured only concentrated oils containing sun-ripened fruit and plant seed oils are working hard to transform dull skin into a more nourished, smooth and supple version of itself.

Designed to inspire moments of mindfulness, the multi-tasking formulas can be used as part of a relaxing massage, to indulge and moisturise skin or to create a luxurious bath-time experience – perfect for when the chilly winter weather is getting you down. We at Lore recommend this product as the ultimate way to revitalise your body and mind over this winter season!

Lore stocks a variety of Weleda products, including the Natural Body Oils in Wild Rose, Pomegranate, Lavender, Arnica and Stretch Mark Massage Oil

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