My First Perfume Masterclass in Melbourne with Lore

As a beginner in the fragrance world, working at Lore Perfumery has taught me a great deal about the art of niche perfume. I now understand, you cannot ever have enough facial masks, and that having a different scent for day and night is one of the most alluring accessories of them all.

I’ve also learnt that the world of perfume is an international one, and if you’re not aware, it can be confusing! With terminology such as high notes, low notes and medium notes reminding me of my school choir days, it can be daunting to try and find your signature scent while trying to find out what each perfume note actually is!

However, I found my knowledge blossom when attending one of Lore Perfumery’s Masterclasses. Our masterclass evenings are bespoke fragrance events that involve learning about fragrances, sharing perfume memories and shopping among the warmest and most knowledgeable industry professionals around.

At my first masterclass, I was a little nervous to share my perfume likes and dislikes with an intimate group of shoppers. But as I was welcomed by staff, there was nothing short of a warm reception – that included an array of enticing appetisers such as cheese boards, fresh strawberries, chocolate and of course, flowing glasses of bubbles.

As we all sat around the table, it became clear that whatever level of perfume lover you were, tonight we could all learn and share equally. I began to understand what notes I liked and what scents I’d rather never smell again. I learnt that I am attracted to gourmand fragrances, the scents that are like edible olfactory desserts. I learnt that perfume is best worn when spritzed on the back of the neck because of the heat and glands there that allow the scent to travel further and develop more as a smell.

After listening, learning (and consuming much cheese and chocolate), the shopping experience began. It was so personable to be in the sensory store after dark and limited to a small masterclass of guests. We had the shop to ourselves! I loved watching guests indulge in one-on-one consultations, taking the time to sample and spritz our collection as they found their personal favourites.

As this was my first Masterclass, I was also on the hunt for a perfume to purchase. Something gourmand and sweet, yet not overpowering and with a little bit of spunk. After smelling many scents, I found my love – the P. Frapin 1270 (unintentionally Lore’s best selling perfume!)

As someone quite new to the world of fragrance and niche scents, the Lore Masterclasses are a great way to learn more about perfume and find your fragrance in a private setting. Regardless of your fragrance knowledge, we promise you a masterclass will leave you smelling amazing and feeling welcome in our special little world of niche perfume.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming Masterclasses!

Liana x

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