Madara Review: Madara Exfoliating Oil-To-Milk Scrub

The Madara Oil-To-Milk Scrub is described as an oil based cleanser that softens and renews skin, without stripping away its natural moisture. Once applied, the formula melts into a delicate milk, rinsing off to reveal smoother and brighter skin.

I will admit, when I first squeezed the product onto my palm, it did come out as an oily and watery consistency. However, once I gave the product a gentle shake, more of the microbeads popped out. Immediately, the yummy smell of apricot filled my nose as I played with the liquid in my hands.

With dry hands, I rubbed the textured oil onto my face, focusing on my problem area – the evil Oily T zone. Instantly, my face felt amazing with the scrub on – almost as though I had applied a slightly heated oil! Massaging it onto my skin felt great too. I’ve used exfoliators in the past that make my skin feel as though it is being ripped off, but this scrub was super gentle.

Once I’d scrubbed my face, I lightly wet my hands to try turn the oil to milk, as the product boasts to do. I surprisingly needed less water than I first imagined – when using too much water, the whole scrub came off straight away, shortening the cleansing experience. I ended up delicately putting a little water on my face and sure enough, the scrub turned from beads to a soft foamy wash. It was amazing how the tiniest bit of liquid completely changed the product from a scrub to a softer face milk – that label ain’t lying!

I slowly added more water to my face to rinse the scrub off entirely. As the scrub had transformed into a milk, it was actually quite simple to get off my face – I hate it when removing a scrub or mask becomes as difficult as getting a red wine stain off your favourite top.

Once all the product had been removed, I felt fresh faced and my skin had that soft baby skin touch. I would recommend moisturising afterwards, to lock in moisture and ensure skin doesn’t dry out.

As my first Madara scrub use, I really enjoyed how my skin reacted to this product, from the minute the initial oil base was applied to the final removal of the cleansing milk. As someone with a oilier nose, chin and forehead but dryer cheeks, I found this product beneficial for both skin types.

If you’d like to find out more about the Madara Oil-To-Milk Scrub or any other products in the Madara range, come visit us in store at Lore Perfumery on Brunswick St!

Not Melbourne based – never fear! All Madara products are also available online here!



Liana x


Image credit: Madara

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