Maison Blanc – Eucalyptus & White Sage Classic Boxed Candle


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Breathe in… and out. Rejuvenate your body and soul with the hypnotic vapours of eucalyptus and white sage, giving way to mystical soothing properties. Let worries fade away with this aromatic sun salutation. Notes of crushed eucalyptus leaves, cardamom, herbaceous white sage, and sun-warmed hinoki bark create a kinship of peace and vitality, illuminating feelings of renewal. Make VOLUSPA’s Eucalyptus & White Sage part of your daily routine. Namaste.

The sleek silhouette of the VOLUSPA’s Classic Candle makes a statement in any room, and exudes elegance with its ambient glow and generous fragrance throw. The candle is designed to sit perfectly within the coordinating glass lid when lit; and can be used to extinguish the flame when done with use. This stunning duo is packaged in a decorative box with metallic accents, perfect for gift giving.


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