Forbidden Fig Mini Tin Candle 113g


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Forbidden Fig is part of the Japonica Collection, inspired by natural phenomena from around the globe, adorned in Voluspa’s iconic floral pattern.
Voluspa’s unique coconut wax blend is hand-poured into a 113g metal vessel adorned in Japonica pattern, topped with a matching lid that keeps the candle dust-free when not in use. The candles are hand-poured in the United States and feature Voluspa’s proprietary clean-burning coconut wax blend with 100% natural wicks.

Unearth the pure magnificence of the wild fig tree. Rooted down in the dry sun-drenched soil, smooth white bark unfolds with fragrant facets of lush green leaves. This matriarch of the orchard is crowned with succulent dark fruits, filled with coveted sweet nectar and armed with sophisticated woody stalks. The rustling wind sweeps up the essence of plump wild berries and fallen crushed leaves, leaving you with an aromatic fragrance so sweet and alluring that it earns its name – Forbidden Fig.

Ripened Fig, Velvety Musk, Midnight Rose & Fig Leaf.

The 113g single-wick tin candles burn for approximately 25 hours.

Forbidden Fig is a sweet, sticky fig fragrance with some earthy, green facets.

This fragrance is utterly delectable, warm and comforting. A perfect fusion of gourmand and green, so works all year round.

Voluspa began in a California kitchen, as a labour of love—for the world, and all the ways scent lets you explore it.
Founded in 1999 by Traci and Troy Arntsen, from the first handcrafted collection, Voluspa has grown into a global celebration of scent; with each new fragrance designed to take your senses on a flight of fancy and transport you through your daydreams.
In all ways, Voluspa is the product of passion, chased and fulfilled— built around a team with a wealth of expertise and a collective devotion to bringing beauty and inspiration into your home, so that it may light your way— wherever your journeys may lead.
Hand-poured in the United States, Voluspa is sustainable, ecologically-sound, pesticide, phthalate, paraben and sulphate free, vegan and do not test on animals!
The name Voluspa originates from an ancient Norse poem, meaning beauty created from chaos.

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