Santal Vanille Mini Tin Candle 113g


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Santal Vanille: The perfect vanilla for those who don’t like an overly sweet vanilla scent. This vanilla is sophisticated, smooth and sensual. Voluspa have blended creamy notes of French bourbon vanilla anchored by warm woody notes of oud and sandalwood. It has the right amount of sweetness which gives it warmth, the woody notes come through in the base along with the sweet oud. The perfect candle for an intimate night at home, accompanied by a glass of whiskey or red wine.
Notes: Bourbon Vanilla, Oud and Sandalwood.

The perfect size to pepper throughout a room, you’ll enjoy a clean burn with Voluspa’s proprietary coconut wax blend. As enchanting as the aroma itself, this tin features bold colors swirling across the Japanese-inspired designs.

Burn time is approximately 25 hours.

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