Gilt Pomander & Hinoki Large Jar Candle 510g


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Celebrate life’s golden moments with VOLUSPA’s Gilt Pomander & Hinoki. The velvety, smooth fusion blends spiced cardamom, clove-studded citrus pomander, holly berries, calming Japanese cedar wood, golden amber and vanilla pods. An always memorable, meditative melange, whether to inspire tranquillity and a journey of spiritual well-being or to share for luxe gift giving- it’s always as good as gold.

Presented in a lustrous electroplated glass that mimics the magical glow of a fireplace and embodies the warmth of the season. The decorative glass lid can be used to extinguish the flame or keep the candle dust-free when not in use. This best-selling VOLUSPA candle makes a beautiful jar for keepsakes, flowers or decor long after the candle is gone. Hand poured in the USA. 

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