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Our Villain Alter Ego Fragrances at Lore

We love the spooky vibes of Halloween here at Lore. And while we’re on the topic of villains this season, we thought we’d ask our team what their villain alter ego fragrance would be…


bottle of black afgano by nasomatto and photo of jade from the lore team with an illustration of the dark mark from harry potter
I have chosen Bellatrix Lestrange for my villainous alter ego!

Yes, these are pics of mini Jade at the midnight screening of HP7.2 in 2011. 🫣😅 When I think of Bellatrix, I think of all-black-everything. Her birth name, head to toe black leather, corsets, lace, and her messy-but-fabulous raven locks. If I was magically transported to the Potter universe and was living out life as Bellatrix, I would wear Black Afgano.

Bellatrix is a powerful witch surrounded by violence and disaster, she is unhinged and impulsive and you just can’t look away.Almost like Black Afgano, one spritz and you are hooked, you are intrigued and you need to know more!

There is nothing plain and innocent about this scent – from its black juice, burnt lid and intense fragrance that last for hours and hours on the skin. Upon first spritz, we are greeted with a cloud of smoky resins, matching the chaotic haze Bellatrix has on the world around her. Green notes creep through which I take as a gentle nod to her house, Slytherin. The oud creates a slight sweetness which is maybe her obsessive love for the Dark Lord…Black Afgano enters the room before you do and makes you feel like you can take on the world.



I’ve always loved vampire stories ever since I was little, so naturally my villainous alter ego would be a vampire. A vampire queen to be specific, cos it’s my fantasy after all…she may as well rule the underworld. She’d be a fusion of the OG, the iconic Vampira, and also the style and sass of Pam from True Blood. A lot more stylish and polished than me in real life, loves the cold weather waaay more than me and is a lot more awake than I am after the sun goes down. That goes without saying! She obviously wears Craft by Andrea Maack – the metallic, cold note is reminiscent of the blood she craves, while the woody and resinous notes are alluring and spellbinding, like her beauty and charm. This is the perfect mysterious scent that captures an otherworldly aura, the scent of the undead, perhaps the aroma of her coffin in which she sleeps – wood, metal, blood with an overall bewitching yet spookily, cold chill that prevails.



One of my favourite flamenco dance performances is about a coven of witches in a haunting forest casting spells and using magic to escape being burnt at the stake. As I take the stage, I draw darkness, strength and power from the dark and mysterious woods and put the audience under my spell. The fragrance that helps me embody this forest witch alter ego is Keiko Mecheri Precious Woods. This bewitching scent is sweet and creamy yet green and resinous, edible yet earthy. Its tempting aroma of warm and spicy resins is enhanced by the enchanting scent of toasted almonds, dewy moss and the subtle sweetness of vanilla and tonka. Precious Forest lures you in with a sweet enticing scent and traps you in a spell as the sweetness turns to earth and ash. Take a walk through the witches forest and find what magic awaits!



If I had to choose one fragrance to capture my ultimate inner villain it would without doubt have to be Felino by Carner Barcelona, and Catwoman would be my inspiration. Was she really that much of a villain though?! I never really saw her as such. I only know I wanted to be her and wearing Felino certainly goes a long way to making it feel like I actually could be. Always the highlight of any Batman adventure and ever the epitome of femme fatale and flirtatious mystery, Felino, just like Catwoman, is the ultimate combination of all of that to me. Equal parts feminine sweetness, strength and individuality, its warm, spiced head notes of clove, hazelnut liqueur and Absinthe combine deliciously with the syrupy, floral heart of jasmine and ylang ylang (let’s not forget the papyrus…ever). Delving further are the rich depths of a leather and civet accord base that are the ultimate ode to the feline and cling to the flesh like a delicately smoked second skin or Catwoman’s jumpsuit itself. A dark and feminine sensuality with purrfect amount of power and allure. Mmmmeow!



Why shouldn’t I want to be the best, the most beautiful, the most powerful? You say it is envy? A poisonous, treasonous, deep green envy? So strong you can smell it on me, in the way the air changes when I enter the room? Fine. I will be your evil queen. You can pine for that sweet princess, for her red rose lips. But I will chase her through the blackberry brambles, the ivy tangles, through the tall oaks swathed in moss and shadows, and her red rose heart will be mine. And I will remain as cold as the darkest days away from the sun, my soul an aphelion, my crown resplendent and my own.

“Aphélie” is a green floral fragrance from Trudon. A potent blend of rose essence, green ivy, blackcurrant bud, and oakmoss, this scent captures the simmering power and intrigue of Snow White’s Evil Queen. I’ve often dreamt of scheming away in a tall, stone tower like hers, as mysterious and implacable as the full moon above. This scent is for regal days and wicked nights.



I consider myself a natural villain, not because I’m cruel, or evil, but simply because I often play devil’s advocate. I’m the friend that twists one’s arm to over order oysters and bask in luxury.
When I am feeling extra mischievous I must admit, my perfume choice actually changes considerably to my normal woody/leather preference. To bring out my villainous side, my “alter ego”, I like to branch out into the slightly obscure. Liquid Illusion from Juliette Has A Gun fits that brief so perfectly it’s almost illegal.

As the name suggests, this perfume plays on the trickery of perfume, a floral scent of sensual tuberose, the flower that lures everyone in blindly, a carnal aroma that no one can resist, layered with almond, iris and heliotrope. This illusionist scent seduces even the strongest willed, and for me that’s pure evil and I love it.



Mulholland Drive in L.A. – the home of the perfumer behind this fragrance, as well as of course the setting for David Lynch’s unnerving, mystifying film by the same name.While Mulholland does a great job of conveying that laid-back L.A. boho vibe, it has a certain mystery to it as well. When I wear it, it makes me feel like a fresh Hollywood ingenue with a bright future, but with a dark secret lurking just below the surface. She’s almost knowable,but just beyond the grasp of those who perceive her, even herself. Dreamy but in a way that could easily turn into a nightmare.



If I could embody one character as an alter ego, it would be the chilling seductress and ultimate matriarch of the silver screen – Morticia Addams. Seminalis by Orto Parisi is the sweet intoxicating musk that would ooze from her milky white skin I imagine, a pheromone almost that would drive men mad and bewitch their souls until they had her, but not all of her, for she always keeps the upper-hand. Mysterious and alluring, sexy yet terrifying, if you are close enough to smell her scent you would ask yourself, “do I want to be her?” or “do I want to be with her?


Happy Halloween from our evil soul to yours!

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