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Carner’s Felino is a symbol of power for the Catalan bourgeoisie… a desire to demonstrate economic progress and success. Soft yet spicy notes of nutmeg and hazelnut blend with a heart of jasmine and black leather. A small nuance of resinous sweetness of vanilla gives a slight crystallised taste and a dramatic overdose of Myrrh rounds up the opulent and memorable perfume. The highly concentrated Extrait de Parfum is a long lasting, intense composition. Encased a hand crafted wooden box that exudes sophistication and contemporary luxury.

Carner Barcelona use only the highest grade and ethically sourced ingredients and materials when creating each fragrance.

Top: Moroccan Absinth Herb, Papyrus Extract Hazelnut, Vert De Bergamot
Middle: Night Blooming Jasmine, Madagascan Ylang Ylang, Black Leather, Clove Buds From Zanzibar
Base: Myrrh Absolute, Opoponax Absolute, Styrax, Vanilla From Commores Islands, Civet Accord

Rodrigo Flores-Roux

Felino opens with a creamy, burnt sugar note which melts into soft spice, blended with such nuance you can understand how it is inspired by the Catalan bourgeoisie. Once the fragrance has sat for a minute or more, the animalic and feline civet note becomes apparent. Reminiscent of a strong, powerful lioness. 


Try not to be immediately obsessed with this sexy, animalic gourmand fragrance by Carner Barcelona. We couldn’t help but be! Notes of absinthe, white florals, leather, spiced vanilla and an almost smoky top note of hazelnuts (roasted a touch too long in the smouldering embers of an open fire), create an entirely intoxicating fragrance of femme allure that will have you enveloped in it’s boozy, balsamic desire for the entire day, night and whatever else follows thereafter. I am Felino…hear me roar!

Created by Sara Carner in 2008, the Carner Barcelona perfume collection is a beautiful, modern and sophisticated ode to her home of Barcelona. Capturing the essence of the Barcelona’s Mediterranean soul, Carner Barcelona has a unique vibrance much like the city itself. Each scent has its own identity and tells the story of Barcelona, from its culture, to its architecture, lifestyle and people. Entirely produced in Barcelona, using local artisans, the Carner Barcelona perfume line merges tradition with modern innovation to truly infuse each scent with the Mediterranean spirit. The wooden caps on each bottle of perfume are sourced ethically from sustainable European forests then engraved by hand in Barcelona. The elegant glass bottles portray the effortlessly chic aesthetic of the Mediterranean coast line. And each perfume box has a special message engraved on the inside panel that evokes the emotion of each fragrance and ultimately, the spirit in which each Carner Barcelona fragrance is always “made with love”.

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