Lore’s Top 5 Jasmine Scents

Jasmine is one of those flowers that has been a central note in fragrance pretty much as long as fragrance has been around. Rich in symbolism and associated with ancient rituals, gods and deities, it is believed that jasmine is the first plant to have been cultivated for its scent. Because there are so many different types and stylings of jasmine, there truly is a jasmine scent out there for everyone. See below to find out which one will suit you best!

1. Madagascan Jasmine - Grandiflora

A true soliflora, Madagascan Jasmine is the most green, crisp, fresh and true jasmine scent we have at Lore. Created by a florist, this fragrance is so realistic it feels alive – wearing it makes you feel like a walking wall of jasmine vines on a spring morning. 

2. Gelsomino - Via Dei Mille

Inspired by the jasmine that perfumed the entrance of the perfumer’s favourite park in Italy, this jasmine is true, but gentle. Not too soft, not too heady, and a little powdery. Rendered clean and creamy by iris and sandalwood, this is the perfect everyday jasmine scent.

3. Jasmin Satin - Maison Rebatchi

A cocktail of Indian and Egyptian jasmine with the addition of sweet peach and a unique sand accord, this interpretation of jasmine is the perfect fruity floral, sweet but not too sweet. Full-bodied and voluptuous, this scent is a sensual jasmine if ever there was one.

4. Musc Invisible - Juliette has a Gun

The perfect scent for those who wouldn’t usually go for a floral, Musc Invisible is jasmine absolute, cotton flower and white musk. Airy and simple, yet still refined, this is kind of like the clean skin or clean sheets of jasmine.

5. Crepusculum Mirabile 63 - L'Artisan Parfumeur

If you want a bit more of a soft, creamy jasmine, Indian jasmine is the way to go. Crepusculum Mirabile is supposed to smell like Indian jasmine in the heat of summer at twilight – it’s a creamy, calming waft with a tonka and sandalwood base. 

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