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Gelsomino EDP 100ml


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Part of the Via Dei Mille Ianco Collection, a perfume collection inspired by light, Gelsomino celebrates the beauty and olfactive richness of Jasmine. Jasmine is one of those scents that is instantly universal, everyone knows this gorgeous floral at first sniff. It is one of the most emblematic flowers of the Mediterranean, so of course Via Dei Mille had to honour this scent in their collection. Upon first spritz we are instantly walking past a stunning Jasmine tree blooming in the sunlight. We get the whole tree here, the beautiful white flowers, green leaves and the wood from the stem. Evoking the sweet nights of the Sicilian summers, Gelsomino is smooth, luminous and elegant.

Top: Mandarin, Bergamot
Middle: Violet Leaf, Jasmine, Iris
Base: Sandalwood Mysore, Vetiver

Gelsomino is the perfect Jasmine. Not too soft, not too heady, and a little powdery. Jasmine is definitely there from first spritz and stays on the skin. We are left with a clean and musky white floral with a touch of smooth woods.


We love how this innocent and pure this fragrance is. We are taken straight back to our childhood, late summer nights spent playing outside, the Jasmine trees in full bloom filling the air as you run past. Even now as an adult we walk by a Jasmine tree and automatically whisper the words “ahhh Jasmine”.


Jacques Chabert & Nathalie Koobus

Via Dei Mille is an Italian niche fragrance brand based on family heritage and history with a story that dates back to Sicily in the 1950s. A collection of fragrances made to the highest of standards using the best raw ingredients from around the globe, including essential oils from Sicily. Each fragrance is inspired by Sicilian fragrances and culture. Quality, passion, creativity and love for deep roots are the values that inspire their work.

From the packaging, to the artwork, to the juice; every part of the brand has been perfected and we are left with the most beautiful fragrances, inspirations and stories. The little touches are what makes this brand so special. To each fragrance having an embossed design on the packaging to represent the flower, to the baroque tiles which hero the brand’s hometown, Noto. All of the components to complete the Via Dei Mille range, such as the bottle, the paper of the boxes, the boxes, the booklets, the cards, the blotters, the ceramic tiles, the accessories eta are Made in Italy.

Traditional, elegant and contemporary; discover the Via Dei Mille range today and immerse yourself in this amazing range full of history and delight.

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