Spring Is In The Air: Our Top Spring Perfume Picks

Spring is here finally! And to celebrate, let’s talk about updating your fragrance wardrobe.

Now here at Lore Perfumery we are all about no rules when it comes to fragrance, but it’s also nice to get into the spring spirit and lighten things up a little in the fragrance department. Maybe go something a little fresher, a bit of citrus and floral and something to lift the senses.

My top picks for spring are –

CreedSilver Mountain Water is a total favourite of mine! The clean and crisp mountain air, the soft and smooth base, the fact that David Bowie wore it…need I say more. SMW is perfect for men and women and lasts all day and gets better and better as it sinks into the skin.

Acqua di ParmaGelsomino Nobile is basically spring in a bottle. It’s like a burst of jasmine and sunshine and makes you feel super happy, like when you walk past a jasmine bush and are followed by that familiar sweet smell.

Agonist – Floralust is clean and feminine and gets better and better as it settles on the skin. Like a walk in a garden it is fresh and sharp and clean but as the rose and musk develop there is a soft sensuality to the scent.

FrapinL’Humaniste is inspired by a gin and tonic and what better scent for the sunny spring day. Clean and crisp with citrus and a LOT of juniper this is so beautiful on the skin.

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