Popular Perfume Brands: Spotlight on Demeter

Ever wondered what a Thunderstorm smells like? Or Kitten Fur? Or a Watermelon Lollipop? Well we’ve got you covered with the fragrance library by Demeter. Created in 1996, Demeter was born out of a desire to capture the beautiful smells of nature, hence their namesake Demeter the Greek Goddess of Agriculture.  The first three scents in the collection were Dirt, Grass and Tomato – some of the best sellers to this day! Demeter pride themselves on their individuality by bottling singular scents, and they have seriously nailed it. As the collection has expanded to include some weird and wonderful Demeter has made a name for themselves as the go-to collection for hard to find smells! You wouldn’t think you’d like to wear a perfume that smells like Dirt, but this is such a wonderful scent. We love to recommend this to be worn with a floral fragrance to give a it of earthiness.

Demeter use minimal ingredients (they are incredibly 95% natural), intending to create the most recognisable and realistic smells. They are all about taking the time to stop and appreciate the everyday scents that surround us.

As our sense of smell is our closest link to our memory, the Demeter range is so realistic that it is used in the medical industry today with Alzheimers patients to trigger the memory response of certain smells.

With the wearable to the outrageous, this range does not disappoint. Designed to be layered, you can pick your favourites and wear them individually or create your own custom scent by layering your picks! Some delicious combinations include Peach and Raspberry, Clean Skin and Sunshine, Thunderstorm and Dirt, Salt Air and Gin and Tonic.

The exciting new collaboration with The Mistress of the Dark herself; Elvira, contains more sophisticated and complex scents that wear amazingly on the skin. Dark and mysterious as to be expected with the Elvira connection




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