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Popular Perfume Brands: Spotlight on Fragonard

Popular perfume brands: spotlight on fragonard

If you’ve not experienced this beautiful perfume house then you’re missing out… Fragonard, named after the famous painter was founded in Grasse over a century ago by Eugene Fuchs. As the business continued to grow it was passed from father to son and eventually to the daughters Agnes and Francoise who are currently at the helm of the beautiful brand.

In the 1970’s Jean-Francois Costa had the idea of opening up the Fragonard factory to the public, which later turned into the iconic tourist attraction in France – Fragonard Perfume Museum. This is where you can visit the factories and see the behind the scenes creation of fragrances – such a special experience. Combining his love for perfume history with rare and exquisite ingredients, the museum has become a must-visit for any perfume lovers.

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Some favourites and most popular ones we definitely recommend trying within the Fragonard perfume line are –

Diamant is an opulant and warm oriental scent. With notes of Caramel, Rose, Patchouli and Vanilla it still rich but the hints of Plum, Orange and Mandarin brightens the scent and Diamant gets better and better as the complexity evolves on the skin. Those deeper notes mingle so seamlessly with the fresher, lighter ones. With a slight similarity to Chanel Mademoiselle this is a great scent for Chanel lovers who want a more niche fragrance option.

• One of our best-sellers is Etoile – it has the perfect blend of fresh crispness with Ginger, Bergamot and Apple with a gentle, feminine heart of Jasmine and Gardenia and then the warm, earlthy base of Amber. This scent is gentle, refreshing and feminine – Etoile is the perfect scent to wear day to day.

Emilie is such a refined scent, bringing Violet to the forefront – it is elegant and sumptuous with notes of Violet, Rose, Sandalwood and Lily of the Valley. A rich and heady floral composition to begin with, Emilie develops into a gentle, vintage style powdery floral.

Belle Cherie takes me to the scents of hot tropical nights. It’s sweet and fruity with island holiday feels. Belle Cherie has notes of Star Fruit, Tangerine, Jasmine and Vanilla. Its a playful, carefree scent that lasts so long on the skin – Belle Cherie is like a fruity cocktail mixed with warm, delicious vanilla.