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Blomb’s No. 07 is a totally unique take on a traditional masculine fragrance. It has a kind of aquatic-aromatic feel to it, but still an earthiness to make it interesting, not to mention long-lasting! 

Skin musks, Worn leather, Bergamot, Cedar, Mandarin oil with hints of Violet and Jasmine

No. 07 opens with bright bergamot and juicy mandarin, accented by the dry sharpness of cedar. As the fragrance settles, the worn leather and skin musks enrich the scent, enabling it to stick to the skin for 6-8 hours with fabulous projection. 

We love the suave charm that emanates off No. 07. This is the fragrance to wear when you want to feel like a wealthy playboy on a yacht. It has the freshness of the sea breeze, the wood of the boat, and a total charisma to it that we just can’t get enough of. 

Elevate your daily ritual with aromatherapy! Blomb’s clean, bright and sensual fragrances will maintain your olfactory signature all day (and night) long. Family-run out of California, Blomb strives to deliver fun, quality, affordable products for everyone. Blomb’s Eau de Parfums are all cruelty free and contain natural essential oils… so they’re ego-friendly too!  

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