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Love is a Rose Collection – Rose & Pepper Candle 185g


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Introducing the 2022 Love is a Rose collection by Carrière Frères!

This stunning limited-edition range heroes the Damascus Rose, one of the oldest varieties of roses, also known as the “Queen of Flowers”. With its distinctive, intoxicating scent, the Damascus rose has captured the hearts of poets, painters and playwrights throughout history, and has become synonymous with notions of love, passion and romance.

The two candle scents – La Rose Aime Le Poivre (Rose and Pepper) and La Rose Aime La Menthe (Rose and Mint) – both come in a gorgeous soft matte glass vessel. Once lit, each scent’s notes mingle in a romantic rendezvous and create simply irresistible chemistry.

The even better news is that the range isn’t limited to candles – there’s a reed diffuser option for each scent and a botanical palet option for the Rose and Pepper scent.

Protected by an antique pink mat glass, Damascus Rose and pepper passionately go up in flames. ‘Queen of flowers’ originally from Turkey, the Damascus Rose has been praised since Antiquity for the finesse of its scent and elegance. Historically celebrated from China to Persia, rose is a divine symbol. Equally rare and noble, pepper has been traded since Antiquity: a scarce commodity, it was used as a currency and is even mentioned in Roman figure Apicius’ book “De re culinarian libri”.

In between the two families – Rosaceae and Piperaceae – there is no love lost. When cold, the fieriness of the peppercorn takes over and when warm, the soft perfume of rose is elegantly spiced up.


Rose, Pepper


We love the rich and intoxicating marriage of rose and pepper, revered as sacred commodities since antiquity, both believed to hold stimulating and aphrodisiac powers. The cold yet fiery properties of the pepper spice up the warm, soft rose and help to set a scene of opulence and irresistible allure in your space.


40 to 45 hours

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