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Botanical Palet – Lavender (2 pack)


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Ideal for perfuming small spaces, Carrière Frères’ botanical palet packs contain two 55g palets of the same scent. They can be hung in a wardrobe, pantry, laundry, or placed in drawers to gently diffuse their scent for up to 6 months. Made of 100% vegetable wax, each one contains a natural element.

Also known as “true lavender”, she grows wild on the hills of Southern France. Purple shrubs of green-grey leaves, lavender’s fragrant flowers stand up straight, defying the elements with their colourful spikes. Its essential oil, of the highest quality, purifies and heals. Lavender is a grand and generous flower.

Both wild and medicinal, sometimes powerful, its sweet, aromatic fragrance is that of the passions of love. The scent of beautiful days, lavender recalls the nostalgia of Summer. It is relaxing and known for:
✓ Soothing anxiety, nervousness and restlessness,
✓ Helping to fall asleep fast,
✓ Inducing restful sleep,
✓ Helping to reduce agitation and insomnia.

In 1884, the Carrière brothers took over the French Royal Wax Manufacturer (now known as Cire Trudon) with the intention to modernise it, while still preserving its historical savoir-faire.  
With the industrial revolution well underway, access to electricity was becoming more widespread, and therefore candles weren’t as much of a necessity as they had been in the past. So, the Carrière brothers came up with a new way to keep candle use alive – candles as decorative objects! They create tapered and pillar candles for aesthetic use, for dinner settings or festivities, and they quickly became popular. At the 1889 Exposition Universelle (which the Eiffel Tower was built for) the brothers were awarded a gold medal for their vision and craft.
Inspired by the discoveries of 18th-century botanists and explorers, the Carrière Frères packaging and fragrances draw upon the natural biodiversity of the plant kingdom. In each and every scented candle or spray, perfume and botanical essences become one: composed like a periodic table, the Carrière Frères line honours scents extracted from herbs, roots, flowers, fruits or trees.
Each candle is made according to ancient expertise and handcrafted in the Trudon workshop in Normandy; the candles’ perfume coming from a blend of natural raw and synthetic materials. Since 2022, each of their candles and botanical palets are formulated with 100% vegetable wax, from European organic rapeseed. 

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