Top 10 Perfumes of 2018

  1. Frapin’s 1270
  2. Juliette has a Gun’s Lady Vengeance
  3. Nasomatto’s Narcotic V
  4. Nasomatto’s Black Afgano
  5. Goldfield and Banks’ Pacific Rock Moss
  6. Orto Parisi’s Terroni
  7. Juliette has a Gun’s Sunny Side Up
  8. Frapin’s The Orchid Man
  9. Eight and Bob
  10. Acca Kappa’s Black Pepper and Sandalwood

The list is out, we have our official top 10 fragrances from 2018. These are our most popular perfumes across the board as per your purchases! So lets take a bit of a dive in to see what we’ve got here….

  1. Frapin’s 1270, the most delicious gourmand fragrance! The Frapin family first planted their grapes in 1270 and have been a family owned cognac company ever since. 1270 is an ode to their beloved cognac. Imagined during a tasting, as everyone swished, and smelt and tasted, Beatrice took a different direction and put a tiny amount on the skin on the back of her hand. Everyone was instantly enthralled and the fragrance had to be created! This perfume is warm and earthy and in my eyes, it is the perfect summer evening scent to draw people in!
  2. Juliette has a Gun’s Lady Vengeance is affectionately known in store as the sex bomb fragrance and it sure has some merit to it. People are obsessed with this scent. It is uber feminine, it is womanly and sexy. It’s confidant and modern. This is a must for any rose fans out there but be prepared for a soft earthiness to come through. And most importantly, be prepared to turn heads!
  3. Nasomatto’s Narcotic V is one of my ultimate favs! I love a rich and enveloping white floral and this has just the right amount of depth to create a mysterious sexiness, but bright enough to wear all day, every day. Inspired by the power of female sexuality!
  4. Nasomatto’s Black Afgano is deep and dark and once you’re hooked, you’re really hooked! This is such a signature scent from the weird and wonderful world of Allessandro Gaultieri. The only scent in his collection to release the notes (Oud and Hashish) this Parfum Extract is intense, it is lingering and you will get comments when wearing it! There is a comforting warmth on the skin with a smoky haze that goes on and on for days.
  5. Goldfield and Banks’ Pacific Rock Moss is your best friend for summer. Let this fragrance instantly transport you to NSW’s coastlines. Soft, white sand and sparkling blue water. The smell of a summer breeze – refreshing and uplifting. This perfume range is exquisite as it brings different parts of Australia to life through their scents and features our amazing native botanicals.
  6. Orto Parisi’s Terroni is so distinctive. Not for the faint hearted but for the person looking for that truly ‘out there’ fragrance, then this is the one. Like a giant volcano erupting, this scent is warm, resinous, smoky and in your face. Its hard to describe this utterly unique scent, it’s a powerful ode to the earth, and the firey and passionate southerners of Italy – its a parfum extract that gets you noticed.
  7. Juliette has a Gun’s Sunny Side Up was only released in 2017 and has become one of our most popular perfumes from the range. Take a walk on the sunny side of life with this perfume – a bright and creamy Sandalwood scent that really does make you feel good when you wear it! A playful and modern scent that is great for any time of year, easy to wear and long lasting on the skin.
  8. Frapin’s The Orchid Man was created from a love of boxing. But we’re going back to boxing in the glamorous 1920’s. Named after France’s first champion boxer Georges Carpentier (nicknamed The Orchid Man) this fragrance takes us to the world of the showman. Imagine the fragrances that they would have worn in this era and this fragrance takes us there. It’s a little gritty but refined at the same time. Like boxing – a moment of violence that must be done with elegance.
  9. Eight and Bob is a classic. This refined fragrance was the scent that JFK stumbled across in his early 20’s while travelling through France. After becoming besotted by the perfume he asked for a small vial to take back to the US where everyone else fell in love with it. Writing to Albert in France and requesting eight more and one for Bob is where the story starts. A romantic story and an even better perfume!
  10. Acca Kappa’s Black Pepper and Sandalwood is rich, complex and delicious. Filled with spices, floral notes and an earthy base this fragrance is so well blended that it is seamless. A rounded and warm fragrance that lasts incredibly well as it opens up and develops on the skin

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