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Salt By Hendrix Best Sellers Review

Our team tried our Salt By Hendrix best sellers and this is what happened!

If you haven’t come across the Salt by Hendrix range you need to get into it! We love this gorgeous, playful range from Sydney. All made by hand using completely natural ingredients that nourish your body and your soul. Embracing the finest natural ingredients, key active naturals, vegan and cruelty free, super cute packaging and well, lets be honest…results!

What’s the point in making a really gorgeously named and packaged skincare range if it doesn’t deliver, right?! Well Salt by Hendrix may look really cute but don’t let its amazing packaging fool you – this is seriously good skincare, body care and perfume right here! We all tried out the range so read on to read our review on the best sellers at Lore Perfumery. Read how we used it, the results and who we’d recommend each product to.

Salt By Hendrix Mermaid Oil 30ml

Jess – Salt By Hendrix Mermaid Oil 30ml
1. This oil was so gorgeous and nourishing on my skin, it absorbed really quickly so it never left my skin very greasy or shiny. I felt like my little dehydration lines would soften every time I put this oil on!
2. I used this oil in a couple of different ways – mainly on its own as my sole hydration. Under makeup and it sat so well, I was really surprised! Sometimes I layered a serum underneath (either the Salt by Hendrix Stardust Tonic for day or the Mad Hippie Vitamin A serum for night). And on the odd occasion where I wanted an extra hydration boost I would apply the Mermaid Oil then layer another moisturiser over the top.
3. I noticed that my skin was comfortably hydrated when using Mermaid Oil, which felt so nice.
4. I would recommend this product to anyone with slight dryness and dehydration (as long as they weren’t also very oily). It has a great array of ingredients to protect, nourish and repair skin

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Salt By Hendrix Botanic Facial Serum 30ml

Jade – Salt By Hendrix Botanic Facial Serum 30ml
1. This serum was a real turnaround for me. When I tried the product in store it felt literally like I was rubbing water into my hand and I was a little hesitant, so of course had to give it a go. A customer actually told us about this product when we first stocked the Salt By Hendrix range, they mentioned it was the BEST serum they had ever used – so naturally, we ordered it in. It is actually really refreshing and beautiful on the skin. Very light and absorbs almost instantly, which I love, as this means the precious active particles are small enough to penetrate deep into my skin layers! Perfect for the hot weather as it is so cooling on the skin!
2. I applied in the AM only as I use a Vitamin A Serum at night. I loved that is absorbed super quickly so I could continue on with my morning skincare routine – I prefer a sleep in over a long morning routine  ?
3. My skin does feel more plump I must say and my makeup has felt beautiful throughout the day without any dryness or patchiness. I didn’t notice any reaction, a slight tingle – but that means it is working, right?!
4. I’d recommend this to anyone who wants a quick absorbing but highly active serum. Anyone who is fussed about those pesky fine lines and wrinkles should definitely add into their routine!


Salt By Hendrix Crystal Waters Mask 40ml

Laura – Crystal Waters Hyaluronic Mask 40ml
1. This mask was fast acting and effective, I noticed problem dry spots almost vanish before my eyes. The scent was fresh and uplifting.
2. I used it once a week in the evening, I just left it on while I had my wet hair up in a towel and tided the house, very easy.
3. My skin did feel plumper after using, I noticed small flaky areas almost instantly vanished. Granted there was a slight sting, and I would not recommend applying to any broken skin, despite that it certainly did the job of hydrating if you can handle the tingle.
4. I’d recommend this to anyone who wants that extra boost of hydration and plumping. If you want to feel like your skin just drank a huge glass of water this is the mask for you. Not ideal for anyone with broken skin/acne as it does sting a little on those areas.


Salt By Hendrix Stardust Tonic 30ml

Clea – Salt By Hendrix Starlight Tonic 30ml
1. I loved the name of this serum, the label and packaging and the way that it made my skin feel. Also loved that it contains Aussie Flame Tree in it!
2. I used the Starlight Tonic in the morning after spritzing my face with the Pixi Wakeup Mist and before applying my moisturiser.
3. I didn’t notice any massive difference while using this serum, but it did smell lovely and made me feel like I looked better either way lol!
4. I would recommend this product to everyone! The reviews rate it as a must have and it is appropriate for any skin type and is packed full of amazing ingredients.


 Salt By Hendrix Face Roller – Jade

Courtney – Salt By Hendrix Face Roller – Jade
1. The Jade Roller left my skin with a cooling feeling when applied, I also felt like my skincare worked more effectively and I was taking the time to really take care of my skin.
2. The Jade Roller was so easy to use with any skincare – I preferred using the roller while applying my facial oils.
3. In regards to results I wouldn’t say that I noticed instantaneous results but I did see consistency in my skin while I was using my Jade Roller.
4. I think this product is perfect for the busy person – its a slice of heaven, but there is no set up time needed and it only takes a few minutes to do to feel soooo good!


Salt By Hendrix Crystal Waters Mask 40ml

Sophie – Crystal Waters Hyaluronic Mask 40ml
1. I love that this mask is a gel consistency, light and easy to wear around the house whilst waiting for it to work its magic.
2. I used this mask once a week for a hydration boost. I would recommend applying after double cleansing, then afterwards I used a serum and moisturiser. It was an easy additional step to my normal routine.
3. I didn’t notice any difference during the mask but after rinsing off my skin looked beautifully radiant and less dehydrated. I looked overall healthier.
4. I would recommend this mask to everyone – who doesn’t want to look healthier?! Its a great price point and organic. Winner ?


Salt By Hendrix Mermaid Oil 30ml

Hannah – Salt By Hendrix Mermaid Oil 30ml
1. I loved the lightweight texture of the oil and how quickly it absorbed into the skin. No oily film left on the face.
2. I added this product to my night time routine, simply because of personal preference of using oils at night time, I like to give my skin time for that oil to work its magic without any makeup products interfering. I have used this oil underneath makeup application in the morning as well, for some added hydration when my skin is feeling a little sluggish.
3. I have noticed that upon waking in the morning after using the Mermaid oil, that my skin has softened and has a little more bounce back.
4. This product I would recommend to anyone who is getting started with skincare, sort of like entry level skincare, or anyone who is looking for added hydration and antioxidants in their skin – ages between 18- 35.


We are hoping you loved our Salt By Hendrix review of the best sellers at Lore Perfumery! Click through to purchase and keep a look out for more brand reviews like this.


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