Nasomatto Team Picks

While we are in a Nasomatto fragrant fantasy over here at Lore, we thought we’d introduce you to our team’s favourites in the range.

Jess & Jade


While I have had a long standing love affair with Narcotic V, I’ve been venturing out of late and ever since spritzing myself with the new Sadonaso, I cannot stop smelling myself. It smells like someone is baking the most deliciously rich and gooey dark chocolate cake, but they’ve left it in a tad too long and there is a slight smoky, bitter note to the top of it that balances the sweet muskiness.


I was unsure what I was going to think of Alessandro’s latest creation with the buzz around it 😅, but, to be honest, I was surprised! A bit funky to start, definitely had whiffs of a dive-bar urinal here and there. But then I get a hit of vanilla! A gourmand, earthy and dirty sweetness comes alive as it dries. Not a super sweet vanilla but a dirty skin vanilla -sweaty, musky with an earthy sweetgourmand vibe that I think will smell supersexy on the right person!


a bottle of sadonaso by nasomatto with a photo of jess and jade from lore in a heart


Wouldst thou like to live deliciously? Like the Devil in a three-piece suit, Pardon is suave, alluring, and simmering with heat. A warm, bold sandalwood note shuffles its cards with a cacophonous blend of spice and cigar smoke, then emboldened with some after-dinner bitter orange chocolates. For the players and the dealers.



This is my bedtime scent, and frankly my most worn fragrance outside of work. The perfect fragrance to wear if you just want to smell… good. Clean, crisp, minimalist and modern, Silver Musk makes me feel comforted, grounded, but cool at the same time. At times it sits quite close to the skin, at times it has surprising projection. It’s effortless, quietly confident, and really, really sexy.



China White is my current affair in our store. A classic chypre feel with an edge, it starts out on me as fresh linen with damp, dewy white florals, before it warms up to honey, citrus and smoke. I can’t get past the contradictory feel of this scent – clean but earthy, classic yet contemporary, poised but dangerous.



Blamage opens like a clean, softly spiced leather with crisp, cool and yet deep notes of resins and wood. Oud and sandalwood maybe, birch most definitely…rose and geranium (to my nose anyway and perhaps a touch of iris) settling languidly over time to a much gentler, aldehydic, incense-y musk that lingers like a mysterious wisp of sensual, fleshy something…ever present, yet just out of reach. Bold, complex, unique and still somehow graceful. I adore it and I’m entirely addicted.



I AM OBSESSED. Narcotic V gets me good every time. The moment I look away I immediately get drawn back in. With tuberose galore I feel powerful and unstoppable!


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