Fragrance Personality – Rock Star

To find out what ‘fragrance personality’ you have follow this link to download our fun quiz! 

Mostly E’s = You love a cold beer in a dive bar listening to your favourite band play live. You want something unique and different, you hate having the same thing as everyone else. We’re going a little grungier and grittier for you with earthy, rich and bold fragrances.

Diane Pernet Shaded – inspired by swimming in the sea at night and the smell of the sea salt on your naked skin. This is dark and mysterious, the linger of incense and the warmth of musk.

Miller et Bertaux Mist Wood Wind and Guitar – inspired by road tripping through California listening to folk music, this scent is earthy with fresher elements, smelling just like you’re outside on the open road.

Juliette has a Gun Into the Void – A rich woody fragrance inspired by dark energy. Using luxurious and unique ingredients this perfume is alluring much like a gravitational pull.

Carner Rose and Dragon – After the prince slayed the dragon, from the dragon’s blood a dark red rose bush grew. This is a rich and intense rose fragrance inspired by Catalan legend with a deep earthy base.

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