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Celebrating Australian Fragrance 💕

When you think perfume, you think France, Italy, or maybe Europe generally. While Europe might technically be the home of fragrance, things are changing!

The Rise of Australian Fragrance Brands

Recent years have birthed some powerhouse Australian perfume brands that are starting to give the European ones a run for their money. After all, Australia exports so many stunning raw materials used in fragrance all over the world – we are responsible for around 40% of the world’s sandalwood oil! Not to mention all the rare and unique native botanicals we have to offer – ingredients like boronia and mimosa (wattle) have become staples in the European perfumer’s toolkit.

At Lore Perfumery, we have always cared about stocking local brands, and have made a point of curating a range of Australian fragrance houses that demonstrate the capability this beautiful land has for producing incredible perfume. All of these Aussie brands are so incredible in their own way, so we wanted to give you a little introduction to each one and the incredible range they have to offer!

Launched in 2017, Mihan Aromatics was started by local couple Josh and Jules. Their fragrances are largely inspired by Fitzroy and the surrounding area, so as our neighbours, they’re extra close to our hearts here at Lore. Minimalist yet impactful, Mihan’s fragrances conjure emotions, from heartache to hubris to harmony.


black and white photo of sienna brume by mihan aromatics on sand

Founded in 2014 by creative Sarah Blair and filmmaker Jeffrey Darling, Map of the Heart draws on their passion for story and understanding that scent is as transporting and intoxicating as words and images. From pure joy, to lightness, to love or aching darkness and desire – our heart is our essence. By mapping it with scent and colour, we can explore what it is that makes our hearts beat.


Goldfield & Banks was founded by Sydney-based Dimitri Weber in 2016. After moving to Australia, French-Belgian Weber fell in love with the country’s lush, aromatic, and botanical beauty, and felt compelled to create a perfume line paying tribute to its extraordinary beauty. Combining the science of Australia’s most authentic native essences with centuries of French expertise in the art of perfume making, Goldfield & Banks’ perfumes are a quest for the ultimate Australian olfactory experience.


In 1995, Saskia opened her flower shop, Grandiflora, in Potts Point, Sydney. The name draws its inspiration from the Magnolia grandiflora, Saskia’s favourite flower. The Grandiflora fragrance collection was born from Saskia’s love for flowers and want to capture and distil the rarity of transient scented flowers. Complex, subtle and vivid, the enigma of these flowers has yielded six distinct and original fragrances.


Originally from Sydney, Naomi Goodsir built her brand as a milliner and designer. Collaborating with Renaud Coutaudier to venture into the world of fine fragrance, Naomi’s perfume collection is an extension of her style, her creative process and essentially her unique universe. Her perfumes revolve around raw, distinctive materials, creating different textures through their olfactory identities.


Founded in 2016 in Melbourne’s inner north, Yalu was born out of naturopath, healer and witch Rhiannon Mapstone’s desire to help people in a more holistic way. Crafted using ancient methods and spiritual practices that have been around for centuries, each Yalu product is forged with purpose in every element. 100% natural, Yalu fragrances use the finest naturally derived absolutes and essential oils, no synthetics.


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