The Power of Scent 👃🌹☕

Scent has the incredible power to evoke memories and emotions in an instant.

Let’s explain how it works…and we have our good friend science here to back us up on this. Our olfactory sense is most closely linked to our memory. When you smell something, it starts inside your nose and runs along the bottom of your brain reaching the olfactory bulb. Then, the olfactory bulb connects to the limbic system (which is made up of the hippocampus and amygdala), which is responsible for memory and emotion.

Sight and sound do not go through the limbic system, which is why vivid memories are not as easily triggered by these senses. Our sense of scent is our first sense (babies learn to smell before sight, touch or sound) and arguably our most impactful on our emotions. It is also, the last sense that we lose in old age.

We can smell something and immediately relive a memory – this is the power of scent.

We can smell something and immediately relive a memory – this is the power of scent!

Did you know that researchers say that somewhere between 75%-95% of the flavours we taste are made up of what we smell? The power of this sense is undeniable!

The scent someone wears can be embedded in your mind forever, and elicit a visceral reaction when you smell it years later. It can transport you to childhood memories, holidays from decades ago, to long lost family members.

These are all things to take into consideration when choosing a new fragrance. How do you want your scent to make you feel? Do you want to feel soft and comforted, bright and happy, sensual and sweet?

Fragrance can help to transform us into the person that we want to be, or it can also help to bring out a side of you that has been dormant, or amplify a part of your personality. And of course, fragrance can take us to another time of place in an instant. The closest thing to time travel, as we say at Lore.

Scent is essentially an extension of ourselves. It is the final piece to your outfit, it is the one element of getting ready that can elevate the way you feel. Your fragrance wardrobe allows you to be and feel how you want to feel. Every single day!

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