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Part of the Via Dei Mille Ianco Collection, a perfume collection inspired by light, Zagara honours the citruses of Sicily. In Sicily, at the south of Siracusa, in spring, millions of orange, lemon and mandarin flowers, locally called zagara, start to bloom. The scent of Zagara is a rather changing fragrance. From sunrise to sunset the scent changes from watery and still, to fresh and sparkling, to sweet and honey-like to warm. Zagara replicated this dance beautifully. You have the freshness of the Citrus notes, to the sweet yet bitter heart of florals, finishing with the deeper notes of the Tonka Bean and Patchouli. What we are left with is the dance of the Zagara: fresh, pungent at the beginning then warmer and warmer, smooth, velvety, finally completely enveloping.

Top: Bergamot, Lemon,
Middle: Petitgrain, Neroli, Orange Blossom
Base: Tonka Bean, Patchouli 

Zagara is fresh and clean, almost soapy on the skin. It is a delicate, lemony-fresh Neroli fragrance that is quite unique from other Orange Blossom and Neroli scents we stock.

We love that we can actually smell the story of the Zagara through this fragrance. Ever changing and completely different on everyone. This is a scent to try on the skin.

Jacques Chabert & Nathalie Koobus

Via Dei Mille is an Italian niche fragrance brand based on family heritage and history with a story that dates back to Sicily in the 1950s. A collection of fragrances made to the highest of standards using the best raw ingredients from around the globe, including essential oils from Sicily. Each fragrance is inspired by Sicilian fragrances and culture. Quality, passion, creativity and love for deep roots are the values that inspire their work.

From the packaging, to the artwork, to the juice; every part of the brand has been perfected and we are left with the most beautiful fragrances, inspirations and stories. The little touches are what makes this brand so special. To each fragrance having an embossed design on the packaging to represent the flower, to the baroque tiles which hero the brand’s hometown, Noto. All of the components to complete the Via Dei Mille range, such as the bottle, the paper of the boxes, the boxes, the booklets, the cards, the blotters, the ceramic tiles, the accessories eta are Made in Italy.

Traditional, elegant and contemporary; discover the Via Dei Mille range today and immerse yourself in this amazing range full of history and delight.

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