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Blind Date Sample Pack 3 – Quirky, Aquatic, Fresh & Green


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Been searching for your signature scent and can’t seem to find “the one”?
We know there’s lots of fish in the fragrance sea, so we’re playing cupid and have put together some Blind Date Sample Packs to set you up with some perfumes you might end up falling head over heels for! 

Blind Date – Quirky, Aquatic, Fresh & Green
4 x 2ml samples of quirky, fresh, green fragrances that will capture your heart. 
Come closer. No, closer. That’s better. Look right in. An olfactive wormhole! You can jump in if you like. Just one… more… step…

The Quirky, Fresh, Green Blind Date will be your perfect match if you like:
•    Booking impromptu holidays
•    Skinny dipping
•    Laughing so hard your stomach hurts
•    Staying up dancing til sunrise 
•    Stargazing
•    Thrillseeking

Click on the ingredients tab above for a sneak peak of some of the fragrance notes you might come across on this date! 

Featuring notes of: cannabis, fig, absinth, petitgrain, eucalyptus, ambergris, and more...
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