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Experience master craftsmanship and the best of what the natural world has to offer. This elevated and evolutionary discovery set contains 100% naturally derived fragrances designed to balance and harmonise your energy for your highest self.

Includes: 3 x 2ml Discovery Samples
•    Agati – a fragrance for the Root Chakra. Green, earthy, woody and grounding. 
•    Vikasa – a fragrance for the Heart Chakra. A citrus-infused woody floral that facilitates love. 
•    Divya – a fragrance for the Crown Chakra. A unique white floral with amber and wood accents that connect you to the divine. 

Based in Melbourne, made in Australia, Tulita (“Balanced” in Sanskrit) is redefining the fragrance experience, using scent as a conduit for connection with nature’s vibrational life force.
Tulita’s fragrances harness the highest vibrational powers of Mother Nature using activated crystals and botanical extracts, all interwoven with the infinite wisdom of Ayurvedic practices. Each of their scents opens the portal to one of the seven chakras, unlocking your capacity to feel present, grounded and in a state of reverie for the everyday.
All-natural and free from any harmful synthetics, Tulita is a passionate pioneer in the blue beauty movement, with an unwavering dedication to sustainability and transparency. Their approach incorporates natural, biodegradable, plastic negative, refillable, reusable, upcycled and recyclable elements, contributing to the preservation of both oceans and lands.
In a bold statement, Tulita shares their ingredient lists, paying respect to the countries of origin of each botanical they use. They work closely with their suppliers and farmers, such as Dutjahn Sandalwood Oils in Western Australia, which is a 50% First Nations owned sustainable business. 
“We believe that when we’re in true alignment, living with intention and connectedness to all things, we posses infinite potential to uplift the world.” – Tulita 

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