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Vikasa (“Expansive” in Sanskrit) cultivates love, empathy and a sense of oneness with all things. A stirring fragrance that leaves an imprint of pleasure.

Targeting the heart chakra, Vikasa heroes botanicals known for their ability to foster love connections and harmony.
Rose: Intrinsic to love and the feeling of oneness, uplifting connection to ourselves and cultivating an openness to connect with others.
Cypress: Harmonises energies, paving the way for amplified self-confidence and self-love.
Lemon: A mood enhancing botanical that elevates energy levels and increases your zest for life.
Jasmine: Sensual and soothing, Jasmine enhances a flowing sense of self-love and ignites passion and romance in relationships.

Every Tulita fragrance is adorned with a hand carved-crystal cap, positively charged under a full moon to balance chakra energy. Their crystals are all ethically sourced and are designed to be kept forever, either by converting to a Gua Sha massage stone or as an ornament. Vikasa’s cap is Rose Quartz, a heart chakra crystal known for its powerful ability to dispel negative energy and make space for boundless love. A potent crystal for connection in all its manifestations – be it self-love, platonic love, or romantic love. This peace-enhancing crystal also aids in restoring trust and harmony in your most important relationships.

Top: Bergamot (Italy), Lemon (Italy), Pink Peppercorn (Brazil, Indian Ocean), Cypress (France)
Middle: Rose (Turkey), Upcycled Rose water, Jasmine (India)
Base: Atlas Cedarwood (Morocco), Frankincense (Somalia)

Vikasa begins with a burst of optimistic energy from bergamot and lemon, made sparkly and bright by pink peppercorn. The rose is almost immediately apparent – you get the richness of Turkish rose mingling with the freshness of rosewater, both made all the more vivid and plush by the addition of jasmine. In the base, cedar and frankincense ground the scent and accent the florals just perfectly, while elongating the fragrance’s lasting power. Even though the Tulita fragrances are all natural, the sophisticated blend of notes plus the high quality of the ingredients means that their fragrances all last 6-8 hours on the skin with impressive sillage! 

We like to spritz Vikasa whenever we want to invite or cultivate love in any form – be it romantic or platonic, be it for a person, for the world or for yourself. Wearing it feels like putting your nose into the first blooming roses of spring – fresh and sweet, but still with their roots in the earth. This isn’t a rose like we’ve smelt before (and we have tried a lot of them!) so we encourage you to give Vikasa a try even if you’re not usually a rose fan. We also love that Tulita encourages you to make a ritual out of applying your fragrance rather than just spritzing it on as you’re heading out the door. When you spray Vikasa on your skin, take a moment and set the intention – “I am open to love”. 

Based in Melbourne, made in Australia, Tulita (“Balanced” in Sanskrit) is redefining the fragrance experience, using scent as a conduit for connection with nature’s vibrational life force.
Tulita’s fragrances harness the highest vibrational powers of Mother Nature using activated crystals and botanical extracts, all interwoven with the infinite wisdom of Ayurvedic practices. Each of their scents opens the portal to one of the seven chakras, unlocking your capacity to feel present, grounded and in a state of reverie for the everyday.
All-natural and free from any harmful synthetics, Tulita is a passionate pioneer in the blue beauty movement, with an unwavering dedication to sustainability and transparency. Their approach incorporates natural, biodegradable, plastic negative, refillable, reusable, upcycled and recyclable elements, contributing to the preservation of both oceans and lands.
In a bold statement, Tulita shares their ingredient lists, paying respect to the countries of origin of each botanical they use. They work closely with their suppliers and farmers, such as Dutjahn Sandalwood Oils in Western Australia, which is a 50% First Nations owned sustainable business. 
“We believe that when we’re in true alignment, living with intention and connectedness to all things, we posses infinite potential to uplift the world.” – Tulita 

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Organic SugarCane Ethanol, Parfum (Rose Oil (Turkey), Rose Water (Upcycled), Cypress Oil (France), Lemon Oil (Italy), Jasmine Extract (India), Frankincense Oil (Somalia), Bergamot Oil (Italy), Clove Oil (Madagascar), Cedarwood Oil (Morocco), Angelica Seed Oil, Pink Peppercorn Extract (Brazil, Indian Ocean), Cypriol Oil (India), Nutmeg Extract (Indonesia)), Aqua (Water), Hexyl Cinnamal, Limonene, Linalool, Citronellol, Eugenol, Citral, Geraniol, Isoeugenol, Benzyl Benzoate, Benzyl Alcohol, Farnesol.
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