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Terre de Sarment EDP 100ml

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Inspired by a morning in Grand Champagne, waking up in the castle owned by the Frapin family. As the day wakes, and you step outside, the bright morning sun is warming the cold stone of the castle walls, the scent from the rolling hills and the vineyard wafts gently through the quiet morning air. The tangy flavour of the Grapes and the freshness of Neroli vibrate precious resins, with sweet and woody notes. A scent of sun and an ode to the earth. Beyond evoking Grande Champagne, Earth Sarmiento recalls its resins whose use is rooted in the distant past, Frapin have already planted vines in the morning of the world…

Top: Grapefruit, Neroli, Cumin, Grapes
Middle: Incense, Nutmeg, Orange Blossom, Cinnamon
Base: Benzoin Absolute, Amyris, Vanilla, Tobacco, Myrrh

Jeanne-Marie Faugier

Terre de Sarment is a wonderful resinous, earthy fragrance with such elegance. The freshness of the ripe Grapes and Citrus fruits in the opening dries down to a warming and delicious Benzoin and Myrrh base. Just like the hot sun warms up throughout the day, so to does this fragrance on the skin. As an Eau de Parfum, Terre de Sarment lasts between 6 – 8 hours on the skin leaving a soft and resinous trail.

We love this celebration of the earth and how evocative it is – another time and another place, the smell of nature, wide open views, rolling hills, the hot summer sun beating down on all of the ripe vines about to be picked. The scent of the morning, when there are no distractions, no noise, just stillness and nature.

As one of the oldest family owned businesses still operating, the Frapin family have been renowned vine growers for 21 generations. One of the finest cognac producers in the world, Frapin’s style embodies the very essence of cognac – knowledge and well-established methods passed down through generations of the Frapin family. Frapin’s fragrances are lovingly produced on a small batch scale to preserve their outstanding quality. Much like the production of Frapin’s cognac, their perfume line is a composition of their knowledge; their passion for quality ingredients, taking time to develop finely honed skills. Sourcing and selecting the most beautiful raw ingredients, taking the time to showcase sophisticated and complex fragrant compositions and honouring traditions. As FrapiTop: Rum Extract, Indian Davana, Sweet Italian Orange, Fizzy Lime from Brazil Middle: Cold Russian Mint, Egyptian Geranium, Liatris Base: Ciste, Labdanum, Styrax, Tobacco Accord, Tobacco, Liatrix, Everlasting Flower, Tonka Bean, White Musk, Oriental Leather Accordn believe, the “quintessence of luxury is taking time to create beauty”.


1 review for Terre de Sarment EDP 100ml.

  1. Lore Team – Brandon

    Inoffensive and comforting, this fragrance evokes in me an imagine of gentle winds blowing over the countryside. It’s a clear sunny day, I am standing just outside a castle whose stones hold memories from long before my time. I can smell the vineyard just down the valley. There is a peaceful stillness in this perfume, hiding somewhere between it’s classy and uplifting nature. It is fresh, slightly green, and very much alive. Maybe it’s the scent of the grapes reminding me of Champagne that I find comforting, maybe it’s the serenity. Either way, it is a fantastic subtle scent to begin with, and absolutely breathtaking in its dry down.

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