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If By RK EDP 100ml

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“I was lucky enough to travel from the north to the south of India during a charity race this year and on passing through Mysore, the verses of “If” came to me. It was my grandfather, a great traveller if ever there was one, who introduced me to this poem when I was a child. This lesson that needs to be repeated every day in order to become what we are” – David Frossard, artistic director of Parfums Frapin. 

Inspired by the classic poem If by Rudyard Kipling. If captures the essence of India in 1910, as well as gentle and sentimental message of what it takes to live with integrity and dignity as he grows into a man. As an ode to India, the soft spices dance on the skin while the creamy Fig and earthy notes balances them perfectly.

Top: Fresh Ginger from Madagascar, Pepper from Karnataka, Italian Bergamot
Middle: Fig Milk, Ceylon Cinnamon, Cashmere
Base: Patchouli from Indonesia, Guaiac Wood from Peru, Tonka Bean from Venezuela

Anne-Sophie Behaghel

If by RK opens with a spicy hit, gradually allowing the earthy tones and the creaminess of Fig to come to life. A unique blend that settles into a woody Fig based scent with little sparkles of spice shining through. As an Eau de Parfum, If by RK is long lasting on the skin, we generally get around 6 – 8 hours.

We love the sweetness and sentiment of this poem Rudyard Kipling wrote for his son in 1910, and feel like this fragrance captures the poem and that time in India perfectly. A complex scent that at times seems gentle and other times more brash, a scent of contrasts. We love this fusion of gourmand aromatics in If – the Fig creates a gorgeous creaminess against the backdrop of spices and woody tones.

As one of the oldest family owned businesses still operating, the Frapin family have been renowned vine growers for 21 generations. One of the finest cognac producers in the world, Frapin’s style embodies the very essence of cognac – knowledge and well-established methods passed down through generations of the Frapin family. Frapin’s fragrances are lovingly produced on a small batch scale to preserve their outstanding quality. Much like the production of Frapin’s cognac, their perfume line is a composition of their knowledge; their passion for quality ingredients, taking time to develop finely honed skills. Sourcing and selecting the most beautiful raw ingredients, taking the time to showcase sophisticated and complex fragrant compositions and honouring traditions. As Frapin believe, the “quintessence of luxury is taking time to create beauty”.

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3 reviews for If By RK EDP 100ml.

  1. Gayle (aka Granny)

    This fragrance is not at all difficult or too complex to wear. Within an unusually short time I had a feeling of being cosy, wrapped in a warm soft cashmere rug or sitting in front of an open fire. I imagine being in a Chalet, snow outside, hands wrapped around a creamy hot chocolate and the whole scene in a snow globe of “IF”. Maybe even reading some Rudyard Kipling stanzas. Slightly romantic, worn with a smug smile, knowing those near her could be drawn in closer just to relax in the smokiness and warmth that emanates from this unique fragrance. A mature scent that will linger after you leave. This is beautifully blended.

  2. nddo1

    Oooh this stuff is goood! It is not a complicated fragrant! It is straight out gorgeous! (like you know when you look at Sleeping Beauty? Yeah, the fragrant hits you like her beauty, magnificent and undeniable!). It wears down beautifully into this warm, sweet and sophisticated base note. I definitely can pick up Tonka bean and Patchouli. Although it is a unisex fragrant, I think it is more of a masculine scent. (oh, and go read the actual poem “If” by Rudyard Kipling as well!)

  3. Fiona Roberts

    On a recent trip to Melbourne I was looking in Lore for a fragrance to replace my favourite which has been deleted. (Bvlgari au the Rouge) The wonderful woman who served me, looked up the ingredients, some of which aren’t in any other fragrance) and got this out for me to try. I bought it, and am happy to say that I am truly in love with it. The service at Lore is amazing and like no other store. Thanks for helping me find this. It’s not the same, but feels similar, and best of all is EDP which I always wished the Bvlgari one was

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