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1270 Extreme EDP 15ml


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The first perfume in the collection was conceived as a tribute to the origins of the Frapin family, who settled in the Charente in 1270. After a long day of cognac tasting, the head of the family Beatrice tried her cognac a different way – she splashed a little on the back of her hand to smell the drink before tasting. So successful, everyone noted the incredible aroma and so the fragrance to honour the Frapin’s family legacy of cognac came to life. While the original 1270 is a best seller and quite the crowd pleaser here at the Lore, the new addition of the Extreme version is very welcome. 1270 Extreme has a richer, deeper, more intense tone; stronger silage and of course, much longer longevity. This fragrance is a distillation of gourmand pleasures that will turn your skin into a sensuous feast. An ode to the cognac that the Frapin family are world renowned for.

Top: Elemi, Bergamot, Apple, Pineapple
Middle: Vine Flowers, Rose, Jasmine Sambac, Cedar
Base: Essence of Guaiac Wood, Patchouli, Tonka Bean, Vanilla

Sidonie Lancesseur

1270 is an Eau de Parfum which should give you anywhere from 6 – 8 hours worth of longevity on the skin, however, this Extreme version will easily see you wearing it for 8 hours onwards! The rich opening notes of dried fruits, spices and nuttier tones combine effortlessly with the subtle dry down of vineyard blossoms and sweet precious woods, to create a luxurious, boozy, rich fragrance that will leave an everlasting impression.

We love the way 1270 embodies the rich history from which this scent derives its name. Like a delicious stroll through the vineyards of olde France with a glass of cognac in hand. The orginal version is one of those rare scents that most people are drawn to, a favourite here at Lore for very good reason! The new, Extreme version has all of the elements of 1270 that we know and love, but takes it one step further in intensity. It’s almost like when you do a tasting with your eyes closed – the flavours all become more intense and louder as you subdue one sense. That is what 1270 Extreme has done to the original – made all of the notes sing louder!

As one of the oldest family owned businesses still operating, the Frapin family have been renowned vine growers for 21 generations. One of the finest cognac producers in the world, Frapin’s style embodies the very essence of cognac – knowledge and well-established methods passed down through generations of the Frapin family. Frapin’s fragrances are lovingly produced on a small batch scale to preserve their outstanding quality. Much like the production of Frapin’s cognac, their perfume line is a composition of their knowledge; their passion for quality ingredients, taking time to develop finely honed skills. Sourcing and selecting the most beautiful raw ingredients, taking the time to showcase sophisticated and complex fragrant compositions and honouring traditions. As Frapin believe, the “quintessence of luxury is taking time to create beauty”.

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