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Pavilion Extrait 50ml


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A rich, warm and sensual blend of rose, oud, vanilla and honey, this extract scent is a luxurious and indulgent fragrance experience. With its powerful, intoxicating aroma, this scent is perfect for those who seek to make a bold and memorable statement.

The experience: Wrapped in cashmere blanket looking at the Northern Lights
The surprising contrast: Gourmand Sweet Vanilla Oud
Fragrance family: Rose Oud, concentration of 25 %

Top: Praline accord, Honey, Saffron
Middle: Rose, Rose essential, Patchouli
Base: Vanilla, Amber, Oud accord

Julien Rasquinet

Pavilion opens with the smell of spiced honey – warm, golden, and nutty, the saffron, praline and honey fused together in a gourmand syrup. The rose in this scent is not sharp, more velvety and musky, adding a richness to the scent that is complemented perfectly by woody, animalic oud and resinous amber in the base. As an extrait, this fragrance has incredible projection and excellent staying power – it will stick to the skin for 8-10 scrumptious hours.

This fragrance is for our gourmand lovers who want something a little more. It’s edible – delectable even – but has a modern, woody twist that is a compliment-getter for sure. There’s something cozy and comforting about it – its smooth richness is truly evocative of being wrapped in a warm, soft cashmere blanket, sitting outside somewhere in Iceland watching the colourful Northern Lights illuminate the sky. Being an extrait, Pavilion is definitely bold, but in a complex and refined way. A real point of difference for the Andrea Maack collection, and we can’t get enough of it!

Andrea Maack is a Scandinavian luxury fragrance house founded by Icelandic visual artist Andrea Maack.
What started as a series of art exhibitions using scent as a medium has now grown into one of the most sought after and unique brands within the international niche market of perfumes.
The collection of unisex fragrances has been developed with an artistic approach, using the highest quality raw materials, drawing inspiration from Maack’s travels, artistic explorations, and her relationship with her beloved homeland, Iceland.
When the artist first embarked upon her scent journey she posed the question, how do you turn a drawing into a fragrance? It is a mysterious process, by all accounts. Do fragrances have colours? Andrea Maack says they do. Can a fragrance designed to complement a specific artwork stand on its own as a composition? Even without seeing the artwork, these are complex, well-made scents that tell a story.
The striking black bottle and box were designed in collaboration with architect Maddalena Casadei, inspired by the obsidian volcanic rocks found in the Icelandic highlands, with graphic design by art director Tommaso Garner, who interpreted Maack’s original paintings.

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