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Kirra Curl EDP 100ml


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Inspired by 1970s surf culture, Kirra Curl transports you to the coast, cruising along the shoreline, watching the waves crash over the sand. You find a spot, go for a surf, floating as you wait for each break, letting the reef give you relief.  The sun tuckers you out, and with salt-crusted towels, sand pushed into wax, you pile back into the car, still damp, seatbelt hot as you buckle up. 

Top: Sea Salt, Lemon Rind
Middle: Leather, Surf Wax
Base: Vanilla, Australian Buddhawood, Australian Sandalwood
30% Parfum w. Organic Sugarcane alcohol

Josh and Jules Mihan

The salty, fresh notes of summer are alive in Kirra Curl’s opening – bright and crisp like an ocean wave crashing over hot summer skin. However, soon, the creamy and oh-so-distinct note of coconut takes centre stage, only to be balanced by rich leather and musky woods in the base. Kirra Curl has great hold and becomes deeper and smoother on the dry down, lasting around 8 hours on our skin.

Kirra Curl feels gritty and earthy with a beachy twist. One can assume that the name comes from the name of one of the best wave breaks in the world – Kirra on the Gold Coast, and of course “curl” refers to a wave. Let this fragrance take you to the beach at night, think bonfire parties, the grungy surfer vibes. In fact, just let this Kirra Curl take you to the beach party scene in the 1991 film Point Break. Surfing in the dark, partying on the beach. Soft, coconut-scented skin with a scuffed leather jacket thrown on as it starts to get cold. Is this how Bodhi smelt? Whether you’re a Keanu or Patrick kinda person (or let’s be honest…we’ll take both Bodhi and Johnny Utah in a heartbeat) this is such a perfect blend of gritty leather and fresh, creamy coconut and if this scent were a film, Point Break is it.

Mihan Aromatics was born through a mutual appreciation for the power of scent and a deep-rooted love of the Australian land. Founded by local Fitzroy couple Josh and Jules in 2017, Mihan Aromatics encapsulates the unique Australian experience. Romantic and nostalgic, genderless and timeless — each aroma conjures heartache, hubris and harmony. 
Organic Sugarcane alcohol and Kakadu Plum Seed Oil are the hero ingredients used throughout their collection — a way to showcase high quality, clean Australian native ingredients and deliver fragrance that’s better both for you and the environment. 
Each Mihan Aromatics scent is designed, developed, assembled and hand-filled in Melbourne, Australia. All parfums are cruelty free and vegan certified.
At Lore Perfumery we have a special connection to Mihan Aromatics, and particularly to Josh and Jules as one of their first ever stockists. Each scent is inspired by a place in the same suburb both Lore and Mihan are based (Fitzroy!) so they’ll always be particularly close to our hearts. 

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