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Host your very own Goldfield & Banks Perfume Expert Class with this luxury Discovery Sample Collection. Enchant your senses and spoil yourself or your loved ones with 9 x 2ml perfume sprays, spray cards and an instructional compendium.

Inside? A luxurious and precious collection of unisex perfumes featuring both pure and rare Australian essences. Each fragrance arouses the Australian dream, a treasured voyage from the dazzling and invigorating coasts through to the burning hot red deserts and the endless deep scented forests.

•    Wood Infusion Parfum 2ml vial
Woody, Oud – Wood from Fraser Island, QLD
•    Bohemian Lime Parfum 2ml vial
Citrus, Woody, Aromatic – Finger lime from Byron Bay, NSW
•    Sunset Hour Parfum 2ml vial
Gourmand, Fruity – Desert peach from Broome, WA
•    Pacific Rock Moss Parfum 2ml vial
Aquatic, Citrus – Rock moss from the South Coast of NSW
•    Desert Rosewood Parfum 2ml vial
Woody, Spicy, Amber – Rosewood from the Central Highlands of VIC
•    Southern Bloom Parfum 2ml vial
Floral, Earthy – Boronia from Bruny Island, TAS
•    White Sandalwood Parfum 2ml vial
Woody, Floral – Sandalwood from Kununurra, WA 
•    Velvet Splendour Parfum 2ml vial
Floral, Aromatic – Mimosa/Wattle from the Flinders Ranges, SA
•    Blue Cypress Parfum 2ml vial
Aromatic, Spicy – Cypress from Kakadu, NT 

Goldfield & Banks, Australia’s first luxury fragrance house, was founded by Sydney-based Dimitri Weber in 2016. After moving to Australia, French-Belgian Weber fell in love with the country’s lush, aromatic, and botanical beauty, and felt compelled to create a perfume line paying tribute to its extraordinary beauty. Combining the science of Australia’s most authentic native essences with centuries of French expertise in the art of perfume making, Goldfield & Banks’ perfumes are a quest for the ultimate Australian olfactory experience.
The Goldfield & Banks range contains an array of carefully chosen native botanicals, selected to create a new and haunting Australian dream – one of burning deserts, sparkling coastal vistas and deep, beautifully scented forests. The sustainable quality of these ingredients represents an innovative and contemporary approach to perfume oil production and showcases Australia’s leading expertise in botanical research and development. The result is a modern yet timeless collection of genderless luxury perfumes for all genders.


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