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Bohemian Lime Parfum 50ml


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Inspired by the native Finger Lime fruit and the picturesque setting of Byron Bay, Bohemian Lime takes us to a tropical paradise. Set beneath a sunlit canopy of lush tropical rainforest, the scent evokes an image of native citrus trees drawing life from nearby cascading fresh waterfalls. Shards of light make their way through the canopy of tropical trees, warming your bare skin as you wander barefoot through the little pools of water exploring the wonders of the Australian rainforest. With its invigorating opening of Australian Finger Lime and Coriander, Bohemian Lime mellows to reveal smooth grounding notes of Vetiver, Cedarwood and Sandalwood. Bohemian Lime is a carefree fragrance for women and men and an ode to Byron Bay and of course in true Goldfield and Banks style – an ode to Australian native botanicals. Recreating the bohemian, free-spirited atmosphere of Byron Bay, Bohemian Lime makes us want to kick off our shoes and become more connected to the nature surrounding us.

Top: Australian Finger Lime, Coriander
Middle: Haitian Vetiver
Base: Atlas Morocco Cedarwood, Australian Sandalwood

Dimitri Weber

When we first spray Bohemian Lime we get a wonderful burst of Finger Lime, so refreshing and zesty, this scent is enlivening. Then as the fragrance settles, more of the earthy notes stand out, the Vetiver is front and centre for us, along with a little Cedarwood. There is a mellow, green, earthy tone that really comes to the forefront of Bohemian Lime on the skin after about an hour. The wear is remarkable, like all of Goldfield and Banks’ fragrances, Bohemian Lime is a Parfum so it lasts well over 8 hours on the skin.

We love how uplifting Bohemian Lime is, it takes us to the lush terrain of Byron Bay. Imagine cooling yourself under the old and magnificent trees, a warm breeze on your shoulders while the strong sun rays make their way through the dense canopy. We love the green feel in this scent, it has a crisp, almost salty citrus zest that is tempered beautifully with the mellow tones of Vetiver and Sandalwood as it settles.

Created in Sydney by the wonderful and charismatic Dimitri Weber, the Goldfield and Banks perfume collection was founded in 2016 and heroes our incredible Australian landscape and native botanicals. After moving to Australia, Belgian born Weber fell in love with “Australia’s lush, aromatic and botanical beauty, it’s sweeping plains, turquoise fringed coast, ochre red interiors and harsh, dramatic landscapes” feeling compelled to create a perfume line that pays tribute to the extraordinary beauty of Australia”. Goldfield and Banks is a “luxurious and precious collection that is gender free, featuring exceptional pure and rare Australian essences and oils unexplored in modern perfumery. Combining centuries of French fragrance methodology, it is, quite simply a quest for the ultimate Australian olfactory experience”.

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