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Named after the island’s most famous street, Via Camerelle celebrates the love of the sea, flowers and life. A memory, an emotion, a walk in the harmony of a ray of sunshine through blue skies and freshly picked flowers. Via Camerelle honours the nature of Capri and the zest for life felt on the picturesque island. The citrus and aromatic notes of this fragrance immediately conjure happy, lively emotions and translates to the Capri way of life. The joy of the island.

Top: Bergamot, Orange, Lemon, Marjoram
Middle: Water Lily, Cyclamen, Jasmine
Base: Cedarwood, Sea Musk, Amber

Laura Bosetti Tonatto

Via Camerelle is an Eau de Parfum that should give the wearer about 6 hours worth of longevity. The citrus and marjoram combination upon opening gracefully balances the delicate floral belly of this fragrance captured in a lively base of light woods, musk and amber, all the while maintaining a clean, uplifting brightness whilst binding it lightly to the skin.

We love how this perfume really creates the vibe of warm weather. The promise of better days and wistful inspiration, fond memories and those not yet made. If you’re after an uplifting scent to put a smile on your face and spring in your step this is it. Very much unisex, comforting and entirely refreshing, both for the flesh and spirit.

Originally created in 1380 in Capri by the monks,in 1948 the Priory of Certosa found the old fragrance formulas, under the Pope’s license, revealed it to a Piedmontese chemist who thus created the smallest laboratory in the world, calling it “Carthusia”. Today, Carthusia is all handmade, observing centuries old practises ensuring the highest level of quality in their fragrances. Atmospheres and emotions of Capri are found in all Carthusia products, and all ingredients are derived from Capri’s environment paying homage to the beautiful island.

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