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NEW BRAND: Naomi Goodsir

We are incredibly excited to launch the Naomi Goodsir perfume collection here at Lore this month. This is a perfume collection that we’ve been coveting for some time – Naomi Goodsir has been winning all of the awards and her perfume line is the perfume for perfume lovers!

Originally from Sydney, Naomi Goodsir built her brand as a milliner and designer. Known for her refined charm and atypical elegance, Naomi’s hats are often referred to as ‘couture’ hats. Generally featuring a slant to the hat they create movement, with a rock n roll vibe and an always-chic finish. Naomi has collaborated with many acclaimed fashion designers from all over the world. Her signature – reinterpreting hats, bags and other accessories without constraints, pure creativity with a distinctive allure. So you can imagine the fragrances are right up our alley – we love something new, pushing the boundaries and making a clear statement.

Naomi Goodsir

Naomi’s perfume collection is an extension of her style, her creative process and essentially her unique universe. They trace the map of her life as it is now, in her new home of France – the entire collection is made and hand packed on the French Riviera. They talk of the materials she has built her career with, the emblematic raw materials of both millinery and fine fragrance. Naomi Goodsir follows in the footsteps of many niche perfume houses – a creative passion, a story and a love of high quality.

Naomi Goodsir’s perfumes revolve around raw, distinctive materials, creating different textures through their olfactory identities. They reflect the madness and fantasy of Naomi’s creative world. Working with the world’s finest perfumers, Naomi Goodsir’s signature perfume collection has the same je ne sais quoi as the woman behind the brand.

A collection that has quickly garnered much attention and many accolades, the Naomi Goodsir perfume collection has received awards for their best selling perfume Nuit de Bakelite. In 2018 winning the Fifi Award for Best Fragrance of an Independent Niche Brand for Nuit de Bakelite. And again, in 2018, Nuit de Bakelite won the Experts Award at the Art and Olfaction Awards and the same year the Olfactorama Paris ‘Prix de L’Emotion’ award.

Naomi Goodsir

The infamous Nuit de Bakélite is a must try, not only because we are all obsessed with Tuberose here at Lore but because of how it turns the classic Tuberose scent on its head. It is avant-garde and alluring, the premise of a narcotic lady, with vintage undertones. A reference to the plastic known as Bakélite – the first entirely synthetic plastic, emerging in the early 1900’s. Bakélite made its biggest impact in the world of fashion from the 1920’s – 1950’s and is now considered collectible. Bakélite items are stamp on a time in history – a vintage world of glamour and style. The fusion of the heady and sexy Tuberose in this scent, the green and almost smoky notes then the synthetic plastic feel create a truly unique perfume reminiscent of the smell of a beautiful vintage lipstick. This perfume conjures an image of a secret tryst in the garden, the wee hours of the morning – the Tuberose is strong and intense, the grass is slightly damp, the smudge of lipstick, the soft touch of leather. There is no doubt this perfume is a must try/must have for all perfume connoisseurs!!

Naomi’s collection is of 5 statement fragrances. They range from the (quickly becoming iconic) Nuit de Tuberose to gourmand/smoky heaven (Or du Serail), to the scent of a church in the Australian outback (Boir d’Ascese), to soft, velvety suede gloves (Cuir Velours) to the scent of slightly damp wool (Iris Cendre).

Come in store to explore the collection or order online (make sure you tick The Lore Promise to ensure that you love your new fragrance!).

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Or du Serail EDP 50ml

Bois d’Ascese EDP 50ml

Iris Cendré EDP 50ml

Nuit de Bakélite EDP 50ml

Cuir Velours EDP 50ml

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