Lore’s Top 5 Jasmine Scents

Jasmine is one of those flowers that has been a central note in fragrance pretty much as long as fragrance has been around. Rich in symbolism and associated with ancient rituals, gods and deities, it is believed that jasmine is the first plant to have been cultivated for its scent. Because there are so many …

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Lore’s Top 5 Smoky Fragrances

Smoky scents belong to one of the oldest fragrance categories in perfume – the word “perfume” itself actually means “from smoke”! These scents often contain woods like birch and cade, as well as oud, incense, and resins like labdanum and opoponax. Smoky fragrances are usually pretty bold in character, rich and deep without being overly …

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Lore’s Top 5 Tuberose Scents

Tuberose is my poison of choice. And yes, it is actually poisonous, I wasn’t just using an adage. This notorious flower has a wonderfully illustrious history. From women being forbidden throughout the renaissance to smell it while it bloomed at night for fear it would instantly turn them into wanton women, to adorning the headboards …

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Lore’s Top 5 Earthy Scents

Earthy fragrances are natural, grounded, rustic, and as a result smell great without trying too hard! They commonly contain notes like moss, orris root, vetiver, patchouli as well as of course dirt and soil accords.   Earthy scents are perfect for someone who likes a genderless fragrance with dimension that feels chic in an effortless way. …

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Lore’s Top 5 Leathery Fragrances

Leathery fragrances are those that (surprise!) replicate the olfactory notes of leather. They’re often deeper, smokier, woodier scents that are super compelling and sexy on the skin, as leather is of course skin! That said, we have a leather fragrance for everyone here at Lore, even those who usually wouldn’t gravitate towards it.  Here’s our …

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Our Top 10 Candles

This is the perfect time to curl up, get cosy, light a fire or crank the heating. As we move into those cooler months of the year we can’t help but delight in the comfort that candles bring to our days. A warm golden flicker of light, a delicious fragrance to fill your space, the …

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Lore’s Top 5 Rose Fragrances

Rose, sweet rose Our wonderful Del has put together a list of our top 5 picks of our favourite rose fragrances at Lore. Whether you love a bright and zesty rose, a richly darker rose or a true and exquisite rose – we gotcha. Who doesn’t love a gorgeous rose fragrance – it’s a classic …

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Our Top Boozy Fragrances

Ok, so we’re here. It’s officially cold, dreary and dark here in Melbourne. And you know what? We kinda like it. It makes the most perfect backdrop to sit in a little booth somewhere warm, dimly lit and cosy and drink away the coldness, amiright? So while we’re feeling a little festive after a couple …

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