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Vert Space Cleansing Spray 100ml


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A natural, plant-based blend of white sage, lavender stem and Atlas cedar to cleanse the air and restore harmony! The perfect alternative to burning sage if you don’t want any smoke but most certainly want the good vibes in your space! Named VERT, honouring the very green stems and leaves it’s made from.

Use to cleanse your space wherever you feel like it.

Perfect for clearing the air in any room, or on fabric, keeping garments out of the wash for another day. It works a treat in children’s rooms, kitchen or bathroom…a true multi-purpose spray!

Directions: shake well and spritz around your space, breathing in the good vibes from the natural ingredients. Lightly spray onto garments, taking care with light colours.

Ingredients: purified water, alcohol, Salvia apiana, lavandula, cedrus Atlantica, citrus limon oils.

Caution: take care not to spray directly onto light coloured fabrics as essential oils can stain.

Brown glass bottle can be rinsed and re-purposed for water spray when magic is done or recycled in kerb-side recycling.

Hand made in small batches, in Melbourne, Australia.

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