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Light Transformation EDP 47ml


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Transformation is a truly beautiful fragrance with soft layers of floral notes and an earthy base. The unique note of clay in the base gives this scent grounding and depth as it explores beauty and power.

Mandarin, Tuberose, Amber & Earth, White Clay

Transformation begins its journey with mandarin, which quickly gives way to the heady, creamy tuberose. The dry down of white clay and amber which leads a cleanliness to the scent that is super comforting, and will last about 4-6 hours on the skin.

Fresh, clean and crisp, Transformation is the clean sheets of white florals. It’s Transformation in that it’s a blank canvas, an opportunity, a refreshment. The perfect every day scent.

One of Margot Elena’s fragrance libraries, Tokyo Milk is an uncommon place – a world of perfume and body care designed to captivate, intrigue and inspire. Margot, a designer and indie beauty mogul, wanted to create an independent fragrance range where the user interacts in a design-focused, artful way. Always mindful that her products add beauty and meaning to their environment, Tokyo Milk is full of attention to detail and is part of a meticulously crafted brand world. The range contains a variety of fragrances, always guaranteed to contain intriguing, unique notes that will set them apart from anything you’ve experienced before.

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