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Honey & The Moon EDP Mini


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These 6.8ml perfumes with dabber-style applicators are so beautiful, they make the perfect little “thinking of you” gift!

A subtly sweet ode to the scent of that liquid gold made by our friends the bees. Strong, warm and realistic, this scent is a delicious golden concoction of florals, wood, and of course, honey!

Honey, Sugared Violet, Jasmine, Sandalwood

Honey & The Moon opens with the bright, fresh beauty of jasmine, a poetic nod to the first step of honey production. Soon afterwards, the warm, rich sugared violets appear, smelling as if they have been drizzled with golden honey. This all on a background of creamy, soft sandalwood which adds to the realism of this fragrance, which will last a good 6-8 hours on the skin.

We just can’t get enough of this scent, it’s such a unique gourmand – it feels so realistic and natural. Perfect for almost any time of year because it has both warmth and freshness. Drizzle some Honey & The Moon on your skin and get ready to feel good enough to eat!

One of Margot Elena’s fragrance libraries, Tokyo Milk is an uncommon place – a world of perfume and body care designed to captivate, intrigue and inspire. Margot, a designer and indie beauty mogul, wanted to create an independent fragrance range where the user interacts in a design-focused, artful way. Always mindful that her products add beauty and meaning to their environment, Tokyo Milk is full of attention to detail and is part of a meticulously crafted brand world. The range contains a variety of fragrances, always guaranteed to contain intriguing, unique notes that will set them apart from anything you’ve experienced before.

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