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Sienna Brume EDP 30ml

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Sienna Brume is a hot summer’s day at the Fitzroy Pools or at one of Melbourne’s beaches.
You’ve gone by yourself to sunbake and occasionally take a dip, floating in a state of angelical, athletic leisure. You’re never noticeably influenced by others; in fact, quite indifferent to their chatter, romantically alone. You sit back down, water dripping onto magazine paper and fresh cucumber; unfaltering notes of cool condensation and listless poolside or beachside day dreaming.
Later, you might meet friends at a local bar to enjoy a refreshing G&T, and soak up the rest of the day’s sun while summer still lasts.

Top: Sea Air, Bergamot
Middle: Soft Coconut, Cucumber
Base: Juniper, Vanilla, Copaiba

30% Parfum w. Organic Sugarcane alcohol

Josh and Jules Mihan

Obvious opening notes of coconut and salt air are freshened beautifully by additional green infusions of cucumber and juniper, all wrapped up in a warm blanket of copaiba and an ever-so-delicate sprinkling of almost indistinguishable white pepper. Still detectable after 6 hours on the skin, Sienna Brume eventually morphs into a wear a bit like your own skin, but better.

Long, languid, hot summer days spent in a sun-fuelled haze at the beach, by the pool, or gently cycling around your neighbourhood, taking in the sights and sounds of your surrounds, stopping occasionally to enjoy a cooling drink. This sweet, refreshing concoction completely embodies all the good things the warmer months of the year bring. We adore how Sienna Brume so evocatively captures it all. It’s summer days filled with carefree promise and memories made with a relaxing air of delight. Summer’s in the air and all around. Take a whiff and immediately unwind!

Mihan Aromatics was born through a mutual appreciation for the power of scent and a deep-rooted love of the Australian land. Founded by local Fitzroy couple Josh and Jules in 2017, Mihan Aromatics encapsulates the unique Australian experience. Romantic and nostalgic, genderless and timeless — each aroma conjures heartache, hubris and harmony.
Organic Sugarcane alcohol and Kakadu Plum Seed Oil are the hero ingredients used throughout their collection — a way to showcase high quality, clean Australian native ingredients and deliver fragrance that’s better both for you and the environment.
Each Mihan Aromatics scent is designed, developed, assembled and hand-filled in Melbourne, Australia. All parfums are cruelty free and vegan certified.
At Lore Perfumery we have a special connection to Mihan Aromatics, and particularly to Josh and Jules as one of their first ever stockists. Each scent is inspired by a place in the same suburb both Lore and Mihan are based (Fitzroy!) so they’ll always be particularly close to our hearts.

Love your fragrance or return it for free. Learn more about The Lore Promise here.


2 reviews for Sienna Brume EDP 30ml.

  1. Kayla

    Purchased the 30ml version because I didn’t have the $ to splash on the full size – but let me tell you, the INSTANT I smelled this I was transported to a warm summer day, drink in hand, sand & sea & sky & sunbathing people all around. Having been to quite a few “tropical” destinations, this is exactly what it smells like by the late afternoon. 100/10 my favourite scent for winter/spring.
    I won’t wear it in summer because it may get drowned out by other coconut/sunscreen type smells around.

  2. kirkday (verified owner)

    On a very grey dull Melbourne day summer arrived in a bottle. One minute looking out over a soggy city – the next my brain is on a beach in Fiji contemplating which cocktail to drink to order next. This is the smell of summer.

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