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Sienna Brume EDP 100ml

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Imagine hot summer days, lazing by the Fitzroy pool. Maybe you’ve gone a little further out to the coast, but the smell of summer is unmistakable in this scent. That warmth on your sun kissed skin, but the light refreshing breeze that makes the warmth delightful – like floating in a state of angelical, athletic leisure. A soft cocoon enlivened by deep inhalations of the sea air. Warm and creamy with the crisp effervescence of a cocktail on a hot summers day poolside.

This perfume absolutely captures summer for us. It is like the smell of your skin when you’ve been swimming all day – salty, sweet but fresh. Imagine the creamy Coconut tones of sun kissed skin, whilst taking in the refreshing notes of a Gin and Tonic. We find that the creaminess of the Coconut is balanced so perfectly with the sharpness of the Cucumber and Juniper that this perfume is the ultimate sexy summer skin scent for both men and women.  

Top: Cucumber, Juniper, White Pepper
Middle: Coconut
Base: Timbersilk

25% Parfum w. Organic Sugarcane

All Mihan Aromatics™ parfums are designed and developed, hand filled and assembled, with pride and passion in Melbourne, Australia. They are cruelty free and vegan certified.

Josh and Jules Mihan

This Melbourne based perfume brand is created by husband and wife team – Josh and Jules. Some of our favourite faces here at Lore Perfumery, Josh and Jules live around the corner from our flagship store on Brunswick Street, Fitzroy so we’re lucky enough to see them quite a bit. This Melbourne made range is a true product of Australia, with each perfume telling the story of Josh and Jules’ relationship and adventures in and around Melbourne. First of all we love how this whole range smells…secondly and almost as much, we love how being from and inspired by Fitzroy amd it’s local surrounds…we feel like we can almost claim them as our own. So proud of Josh & Jules’ perfumed ode to their long standing and inspired lives in Fitzroy are we.

Sienna Brume is an Eau de Parfum that will give the wearer anywhere from 6 – 8 hours of longevity on the skin. Obvious opening notes of coconut and vanilla are freshened beautifully by additional green infusions of cucumber and juniper, all wrapped up in a warm blanket of timbersilk and ever so delicate sprinkling of almost indistinguishable white pepper. Still detectable after 6 hours and delectably there, Sienna Brume eventually morphs into a wear a bit like your own skin, but better.

Long, languid, hot Summer days spent in a sun fuelled haze at the beach, by the pool, or genteelly cycling the neighbourhood streets, taking in the sights and sounds of your surrounds, stopping occasionally to enjoy a cooling drink between it all, this sweet, refreshing concoction just screams the joys and good things that the warmer months of the year bring. We adore how Sienna Brume so succinctly captures it all. Glorious sun filled days filled with carefree promise and fond memories made of relaxing fun, in an air of subtle delight. Summer’s in the air and all around. Take a whiff and immediately unwind!

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2 reviews for Sienna Brume EDP 100ml.

  1. casinitiss

    Mihan Aromatics is a fairly new but truly impressive house, born by two Fitzroy locals, who are creating something akin to an ‘ Aussie Byredo’ – minimal, elegant but full of unique character. Sienne Brume captures the hazy warmth of long Australian summers paired with sweet memories and refreshing lashings of cool fruit punch. It opens with juicy delicious coconut but settles nicely against a backdrop of fresh warm cotton. Its a light clean airy scent that will instantly make you nostalgic for the sun, sea and a refreshing libation or two. An impressive first offering from an innovative and modern Australian house.

  2. Lore Team- Hannah

    This is the only coconut-esque scent I think ill ever wear, I ,love it. its subtle and forgiving, Its like its made for everyone’s skin, Reminiscent of a tropical holiday, or a lazy day at the beach, A real winner. I think its the cucumber that makes this scent for me, there is something really uplifting about cucumber, and its really interesting when it hits the skin. This is a really fun and playful scent, and one I wear when I need a little reminder of summer.

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